Saturday, February 25, 2012

Business Journal: "Greensboro moves ahead with ‘shovel ready’ loan pool"

"The city of Greensboro is creating a loan pool
to finance site preparation costs for large-scale industrial projects...

The pool would include more than $4 million
left from $10 million in economic development bonds
approved by voters in 2006.

Funds would be restricted for clearing and grading an undeveloped site,
with the interest-free loan being repaid
once the site was sold or developed...

Why restrict the funds?

Are the funds being restricted
to target money to a few select campaign contributors?

The creation of cleared and graded sites ready for construction
is frequently named as a top priority
by Triad-area economic development officials...

Who are paid by those who want the money?

With a “shovel-ready” site, such hurdles as land acquisition,
zoning and site preparation have already been cleared,
so construction can begin more quickly.

“I think both the city staff and the Greensboro Partnership
in its strategic plan
have all sort of said that shovel-ready sites are very necessary
because we don’t have a lot of them,” Scott said.

“Frankly, some of our near competitors have a higher inventory than we do.”

How big is our "inventory"?

Where is our inventory?

The strategic plan partly paid for by those who want the money?

The strategic plan which the taxpayer funded Greensboro Partnership
won't release the names of who participated in the "study group"?

...all three sites are in eastern Guilford County,
with two on the Interstate 40 corridor
and the other on the U.S. 29 corridor.

Doesn't Robbie and City Council
want to extend water and sewer along the Interstate 40 corridor
with taxpayer money for Roy and Richard?

...Developer Roy Carroll said in October
that he was interested in working with the city to secure funding
to prepare a 100-acre site at Knox Road and Interstate 40 for construction...

There’s speculation that the other two locations
include a site with Rock Creek Center...
managed by Simpson, Schulman & Beard.

Is this why the City and County
won't release the unanswered information requests?

Were Roy and Richard "study participants"
for the "strategic plan"?

...a site adjacent to U.S. 29 near Reedy Fork Parkway
owned by Reedy Fork Associates,
which was formed in 2000 as a partnership
between Greensboro’s Starmount Co.
Winston-Salem’s Hubbard Realty and the D.H. Griffin family.

Didn't D.H. give Robbie $4,000?

Dan Lynch, president of the Greensboro Economic Development Alliance,
said forming public-private partnerships to develop large-scale sites
that are ready for construction is almost a necessity
given the upfront investment required
and the financing challenges for private developers in today’s economy.

If Dan Lynch was one of the "study participants"
for the "strategic plan"?

...Lynch expects the loan pool to be used to create sites
...and there isn’t a project “hanging in the balance” at this point.

How many like property owners won't get the money,
and won't this put Roy, Richard and DH in line
in front of everyone else who didn't buy local government
with campaign cash?

The development of such sites using the pool
would put the community on the list of more projects in the future,
and having a cleared, graded site with easy access to sewer and water
is “like an ante”
that would put Greensboro and Guilford County in the game, Lynch said.

Along with a $22 million taxpayer funded Water and Sewer project
to Rock Creek for Richard and Roy?

“It puts you much higher up on the list, and it may get you into consideration
for a project that would only look at such (shovel-ready) properties,” Lynch said.

Doesn't Lynch really mean "them"?

Does "you" include property owners looking to sell
that get bypassed by a little Crony Capitalism?

Scott said he anticipates making a public request for applications
to use the new loan pool,
and he expects to hold a public hearing for a first application
at the city council’s March 20 meeting.

“We have a good idea of what the collective will of the council is on this,
and we’re trying to steer toward that,” Scott said.

Owen Covington

Who pays Andy Scott's salary,
Roy, Robbie, Richard and DH, or everyone else?

Greensboro Taxpayers Get Ready for a Shovel Ready Your Money
To a Secret Developer, Can I Guess Our Local Crony Capitalist?

Who does the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board think its kidding?

Mayoral Candidate Robbie Perkins and Local Developer Roy Carroll,
What The Future Holds for Greensboro.

Local Developer Roy Carroll Wants $4,176,775
in Economic Incentive Grant and Loan
Is Officially Pulled from Greensboro City Council Meeting

Pulled Agenda Item #31 Local Developer and Crony Capitalist
Roy Carroll Wants $4,176,775 in Economic Incentive Grant and Loan

From "Outlook for Job Growth Muted," and the Greensboro Partnership Study
that President and CEO Patrick Danahy refuses to release or comment on

GN&R Editorial on the Greensboro Partnership's rigged study?: "Touch all bases"

Please publicly call for the Greensboro Partnership
to release the study behind their 2012 Strategic Plan

A few tasty morsels from what may very well be 1% propaganda,
from the still unreleased study the Greensboro Partnership
used for the 2012 Strategic Plan

Zack Matheny on Crony Capitalism,
Roy Carroll, Robbie Perkins, Rock Creek and etc...

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