Monday, May 23, 2011

Who does the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board think its kidding?

"...David Powell, CEO of the Piedmont Triad Partnership,
...contends that there simply isn’t enough tenant-ready room here
to accommodate such lucrative new industries as auto manufacturers.

...A 2010 study revealed that the region
has only 7,250 acres of “prime, vacant, developable land”
with industrial or corporate park zoning.

How many 100 acre plus tracts are there?

Doesn't 7,250 acres seems like a lot?

Compared to what?

...The land most suitable for industrial uses fits only some of the undeveloped sites in the area
because it has to meet certain requirements,
such as being located at least within a mile of an interstate.

Is the Editorial Board suggesting taxpayers give "a developer"
$25,000 per acre to create a sell able property?

Why don't they do it themselves?

If taxpayers flip to get the ground ready,
what is the payback after the property sells?

...common sense says landing the big one will require enough shovel-ready land."

Why do taxpayers have to pony up money
for unnamed "developers"?

Who decides what developer wins the prize?

How transparent will the decision making process be?

The Editorial Board

Will big City Council Campaign Contributors
get preferential treatment in the decision making process?

How did Roy and Dick get the Amex deal?

How many properties were shown to Amex?

Who showed the properties?

Isn't the City building an $8 million water pumping station for Amex and others?

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