Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zack Matheny on Crony Capitalism, Roy Carroll, Robbie Perkins, Rock Creek and etc...

“I think that we do need to expand the water-sewer pump station out near Rock Creek
where [the American Express data center] is going.

How much property does Roy Carroll own near Rock Creek?

Who else would profit handsomely from the pump station?

When AmEx comes on line, that pump system’s going to be at maximum capacity.


We’ve got to increase that,
because what happens if we get the next American Express that needs water and sewer?

Shouldn't Roy Carroll, who profited from the Amex deal
right after they fired 1,500 across town
pay for water and sewer to his outlying properties?

Does the 99% have to pay?

We need to spend that money and we need to upgrade that.

Meaning increased taxes and/or debt
to enrich a campaign contributor?

What other campaign contributors to whom
would benefit?

Should Robbie Perkins recuse himself?

We need to look at partnering with somebody.

I don’t care who that somebody is,
whoever has the land so that we can have a ready-made site.

Why don't you care who the somebody is,
if you are actually talking about Roy Carroll?

If all these consultants from businesses are saying,
‘The way you get jobs is to have a flat surface ready to go,’
then the city of Greensboro should do it.

All the "consultants" paid for by those who wish to receive
taxpayer dollars?

If it’s [local developer] Roy Carroll — I don’t care who it is.

Roy, fortunately or unfortunately for him, has a bunch of land.

And has bought the most likely City Council winners
with campaign cash?

And he can’t do what he wanted to do,
so maybe we can partner with him.


Zack Matheny

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