Monday, November 7, 2011

Day before Election Linkfest: Still no answers from Ed Cone, Tony Wilkins or Allen Johnson

Dear Ed Cone again:
Did Matheny and Perkins stack the RUCO Board?
Please answer the question Ed.

What George Hartzman almost finished saying
to Guilford County's Commissioners Thursday night

If TREBIC endorsed the quarter cent tax increase,
why wouldn't they endorse a restaurant tax?

Robbie Perkins' $1.65 million pocket lining for the Agapions?


I, George Hartzman, Call on Greensboro Editorial Board Members
Robin Saul, Allen Johnson and Doug Clark
to Correct what is Most Likely an Intentional Misrepresentation
in the Greensboro News & Record Mayorial Endorsement

Dear Tony Wilkins: Did Matheny and Perkins stack the RUCO Board?

Matheny and Ovittore:
The News & Record Editorial Board
sells out to Greensboro's Real Estate Industry
without mentioning massive conflicts of interest?

Denise Turner Roth's,
and a lot of other entities conflict of interests
with Greensboro's taxpayers

Please answer the questions Allen Johnson,
Editor of the Greensboro News & Record Editorial Board

A response to an email
from Greensboro City Manager Denise Turner Roth
on an unanswered public information request

How did a taxpayer funded,
40 year, zero interest loan for the Bessemer Center get done?

Abner Doon, Danny Thompson, Robbie, Hoggard, Zack,
Ed Cone, Spag, RUCO and Tyler Durden on The Question

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