Monday, November 7, 2011

Bellamy-Small and Hardy: A comparison of endorsements from the Carolina Peacemaker, Yes Weekly and the GN&R

"Bellamy-Small, 59, also is an enigma who can be brooding,
distant and unresponsive.

Hardy, 35, ...takes similar positions as Bellamy-Small on most of the issues
but prefers addressing them with a more open, collaborative style.

...A finance manager by trade,
Hardy rightly suggests that such an approach
would benefit economic development in District 1,
which has traditionally lacked many of the amenities
that are givens in other parts of the city.

He says more young professionals like him and his wife
are consciously choosing to live in east Greensboro.

Bellamy-Small, on the other hand, is a study in contradictions.

She makes myriad public appearances
but at times can be nearly impossible to reach.

She is notorious for not returning telephone calls
and sometimes agrees to answer media questions only by faxes or email.

She initially filed to run for mayor before withdrawing
and filing to run instead for re-election in her district.

The only explanation she provided was in a letter to a local weekly,
the Carolina Peacemaker,
that spoke in vague generalities and left largely unclear
the reasoning behind her decision.

Attempts to reach her at the time for further explanation were fruitless;
neither of her two phone numbers had working voice mail.

Some constituents cite similar frustrations with reaching her,
and fellow council members of all political stripes
have at times found her off-putting and difficult."

Greensboro News & Record

T. Dianne Bellamy- Small - INCUMBENT
She has been a voice of reason on the council
amid a flurry of fellow council members
who have systematically ignored the concerns of hard working, t
ax-paying east Greensboro residents.

Bellamy-Small is unbossed and unbought
and that’s how we like our political leaders.

Carolina Peacemaker

"Bellamy-Small satisfies a number of our criteria for a council member,
she refuses to return our calls regardless of the subject
— an unacceptable practice for a public official,
and a dealbreaker when it comes to our endorsement.

Challenger Donnell "DJ" Hardy has big shoes to fill,
but we are confident that he will rise to the challenge.

We are attracted to a number of his economic ideas
that draw from what has worked for other cities
rather than betting everything
on attracting outside businesses through incentives,
which has led to mixed results.

Hardy is a team player but not at the cost of abandoning his district’s needs,
while Bellamy-Small approaches council as a lone ranger prepared for a battle.

Hardy may have some fights ahead of him as well,
but we expect he will attempt to find the middle ground
between other council members and propose forward-thinking solutions.

On the campaign trail, Hardy has repeatedly spoken of his aim
for an “urban renaissance” in Greensboro,
and his interest in supporting entrepreneurs
through a venture capital fund that would support 10 start-up businesses annually
out of which two would hopefully have staying power.

Hardy’s challenge is to be more transparent and communicative
than his predecessor."

Yes Weekly

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