Sunday, November 6, 2011

I, George Hartzman, Call on Greensboro Editorial Board Members Robin Saul, Allen Johnson and Doug Clark to Correct what is Most Likely an Intentional Misrepresentation in the Greensboro News & Record Mayorial Endorsement

Perkins supports...a proactive policy for rental-unit inspections...
which was overturned last summer in the General Assembly.

Lying liars lying about Robbie Perkins and RUCO

Robin Saul 373-7251

Allen Johnson 373-7010

Doug Clark 373-7039

David Hoggard,

Did or did Robbie not screw poor renters state wide or not?

George Hartzman

Yes he did.

David Hoggard | September 29, 2011 at 09:15 PM

Who did Greensboro’s Landlords Association PAC
donate campaign cash to in 2009,
and who did they want to castrate RUCO?

Nancy Vaughn, Robbie Perkins, Zack Matheny, Danny Thompson, Bill Knight, Trudy Wade, Jim Kee, Mary Rakestraw, T. Dianne Bellamy-Small, Yvonne Johnson, Marikay Abuzaiter

How could Greensboro's City Council
justify a vote to borrow and spend for a swimming pool
and look the other way
as their contributors disembowel regulations
meant to help the bottom of the community's income strata?

Who did Greensboro’s Landlords Association PAC not donate to?

Arthur Boyett, DJ Hardy, George Hartzman, Joel Landau, Jay Ovittore

Why would Robbie want to dispute something
his financial supporters want to have happen?

"It should be noted that the current 2% sampling that we do for follow up inspections
was a compromise struck with stakeholders.

...the ordinance initially had reinspections every 4 years."

Sue Schwartz, FAICP
Interim Director, Planning & Community Development
Thursday, May 26, 2011 8:31 AM

Did Robbie lift a finger for RUCO before the city council vote?

Did Robbie lift a finger for RUCO after the city council vote?

Did Robbie vote?

If Robbie voted yes, and used the following excuse,
how is this not not not true?

"Perkins defended the council’s handling of the item,
arguing that the legislature was scheduled to vote on the bill
the next morning,
and a resolution by city council for or against
would not have been noticed anyway."


If Robbie Perkins voted to limit RUCO three times,
shouldn't somebody say something?

If Robbie Perkins was actually for RUCO,
why did he vote to eliminate inspections?

"Donna Newton, advisor to the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress,
said proponents of the city’s Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy,
or RUCO program
had already compromised two years ago.

Which Robbie Perkins voted for.

“We have already compromised
when we went from full-on inspections to sampling,” she said.

Which Robbie Perkins voted for.

“A ‘trust-me’ system – ‘we’re going to do everything right,
and everything’s going to be fine’ – is not believable.”


If Robbie Perkins voted to limit or do nothing for RUCO
three times, how can he say he was for the preservation of RUCO
if he appointed or reapointed the following to the RUCO Advisory Board?

Name:.......Appointed by:............Date:

Robert Aiken... Mayor Johnson...2/19/2008
Greensboro Landlords Association, TREBIC,
reapointed by Robbie Perkins

10/14/09 Bobby Akin, [RUCO board member]

Howard Frank Auman, III...Perkins.... 4/19/2011
Signature Properties, TREBIC,
owner of very many apartment units, including college student housing
who has givien Mr. Perkins and many others
relatively large campaign contributions

10/18/09 Jonathan Seth Coker
Signature Properties Real estate TREBIC MEMBER,
[Partner Frank Auman on the RUCO board]

Ronald Bryan Nelson...4/19/2011 (date reappt)...Perkins
Triad Apartment Association, TREBIC

Helen Wood...Perkins...2/1/2011
Realtor, Apartment owner and manager


City Manager's Office
City of Greensboro, 10/29/2011

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