Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mayoral Candidate Robbie Perkins and Local Crony Capitalist Roy Carroll There is more to Discover

Bill O'Neill from WXII News Channel 12 did a segment on the candidates for Mayor of Greensboro. Here is a link to the video CLICKHERE . In the video at around the 1:12 mark, 1:24 mark and the 2:02 mark you will see Robbie Perkins working at his desk or work desk. Online it states that the company Robbie Perkins is a partner at is located at 101 west friendly avenue which is the Bank of America building but a closer look from the video clearly you can see from the office window that this office is located in the Center Point building owned by local crony capitalist Roy Carroll. At the 2:02 mark you can see the tower from the west market street united methodist church building which looks like it is across the street from the building Robbie Perkins is getting interviewed from.

Nobody wants to talk about this relationship between Robbie Perkins and local developer Roy Carroll than me and it is time this conflict gets more scrutiny because as we see in this video it looks like robbie perkins is lying about where his company is located because in video it looks like a office in Roy Carroll's building not at 101 west friendly avenue.

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Roch101 said...

I thought I remember reading that Perkins has a condo in Roy Carrol's building. That does not make a conflict, does it? Unless he got it for free or with some special discount.

triadwatch said...

that condo looks like a office to me, and it wouyld be interesting to see just how good of a deal robbie got and also hearing as the last council meeting zack matheny is in process of selling his house and rumor has it he might rent at centerpoint but we shall see if that happens.