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Local Real Estate Lobbyist Group Wants To Get Chummy With Greensboro Planning For Western Part of City


The following is a message from Judy Stalder of TREBIC (, requesting volunteers for a project that is likely to affect all REALTORS. Please contact Stalder at the e-mail address listed above if you have any questions.


Communications Specialist
GRRA, Inc.
23 Oak Branch Drive
Greensboro, NC 27407
(336) 854-5868

Greensboro Planning, Water Resources and Transportation Departments are beginning the process of preparing a Western Area Plan. The planning staff has requested TREBIC members to join the team working on this plan. This request shows just how important your opinion as a coalition is to the City!

Please let me know if you are interested in participating in the creation of this plan. The Plan will require coordination with Kernersville, High Point and the Piedmont Triad International Airport and take into account the Heart of the Triad Study as well as the PTI Vision Plan, so members that work in the Kernersville and High Point areas may be particularly interested in this project.


The purpose of the Western Area Plan is to identify the best and highest use of properties west of NC 68 and the Piedmont Triad International Airport. The study will also determine how to prepare the study area for future development by identifying infrastructure needs, market trends, regulatory needs and any changes to the City of Greensboro Connections 2025 Comprehensive Plan and/or the Generalized Future Land Use Map (GFLUM).


A citizen information meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, March 3. The group will meet once a month for 12 to 18 months.

This e-mail was sent from Greensboro Regional Realtors Association (


As you see from the above email from the local lobbyist outfit called the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (TREBIC), this was stated:

The planning staff has requested TREBIC members to join the team working on this plan. This request shows just how important your opinion as a coalition is to the City!

This request shows how important the lobbyist are to the city over the citizens of Greensboro that has been pointed out plenty in the past for example:

Stacking The Deck With Developers on Boards and Commissions Greensboro City Council Style, Video Embedded  CLICKHERE


Marlene Sanford, Greensboro Partnership, TREBIC= Stacking the Deck on Boards and Commissions CLICKHERE


Here is what stack the deck with trebic developers looks like on cat team CLICKHERE


TREBIC + RUCO = Fox Guarding Hen House  CLICKHERE

Don't take me for my word on this because we can go back to January 6, 2005 to hear what David Wharton had to say in a post called Blogging TREBIC CLICKHERE

In this post David had this to say;

But this is what TREBIC does, and it's quite up-front about the fact. In a recent half-page ad placed in local builders’ trade publications, titled “What Has TREBIC Done For You Lately?”, the group boasted that it had weakened the RUCO ordinance, the sidewalk ordinance, and local environmental legislation. It claimed it was working hard to place TREBIC supporters in important positions on appointed boards. It also boasted that it had feted members of the City Council and other elected officials at a pig-pickin’ shindig in order to curry their favor.

Gosh, thanks TREBIC
To end this post we also have to remember that sitting  Greensboro Councilman Robbie Perkins and also sitting Greensboro Councilman Zack Matheny a few years back played the land speculation game in regards to this western area of Greensboro with a post on TRIADWATCH titled Highway 68 North + Anonymous Investors + Zack and Robbie = Ethical Problems CLICKHERE  .

Let's see who the players are going to be on this western area plan committee and how much this deck is going to get stacked from our local lobbyist group TREBIC.

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Anonymous said...

I know several property owners in the "Heart of the Triad" and they are livid that profit minded, do-gooder outsiders are attempting to impact their way of life.

I'm curious how many agents have dropped their realtor affiliations due to the economy? We'll probably never know because it's always roses and sunshine coming from that group.

Anonymous said...

I feel that a large percentage of Realtors have comprised of those that don't "need" money, for example those that are independently wealthy already etc...So the economy may not impact as many agents as predicted. Like most businesses it is a revolving door. A small percentage make it past their 3rd year. It is a privileged class, pay to play from the start due to Realtor association fees, MLS dues, etc..which allow the monopoly and power to exist. A very outdated model.

If they continue to keep the same people or like minded people in place the development will occur based on an extremely narrow view, short-sighted in their approach with a focus on short term profits while sacrificing longevity and truly sustainable growth. It isn't about the mythical middle class or the "american dream" of consumption/ownership. Take a 100k home loan to term( on a 30 yr mortgage at 6%) and it cost you 215k or so. Kind of makes the whole thing stacked against anyone. I feel that this is al another great of example of the "old guard" attempting to hang on to power and milk the unaware general population. Similar to the basic gov't model, it really isn't all that effective at representing the peoples.

It all really comes down to greed. If ethics and moral fiber were more important we would live in a different world. Highest and best use of our resources is not at the forefront of most commission minded agents. Similar to the attempt to smack a hotel in the heart of downtown when there was more than enough space to drop it on the corner of Lee/S. Elm which would have had a much more positive impact on helping bolster another section of town which over decades could bring the city and its residents much more money if executed properly.

Granted the focus is on making the triad marketable to outside companies/money etc...which I agree with for the most part. Reallocating money within a market is not growth. Money coming into a market from the outside I would consider growth. Nanotech, Logistics, etc...are all reasonable. The Airport area is an asset if executed properly. The inevitable reality that W-S will be basically connected to GSO, then heading east some day the pipeline will be compete between Raleigh/Greensboro. But at what cost, illogical moves now can make a few hundred million dollar investment today cost a few billion to remediate in the future.

We can't get ahead of the curve if we are attempting to grow based on a very narrow and outdated pool of ideas.

all for now.

triadwatch said...

thanks anon for the input

ruma biswas said...

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