Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Highway 68 North + Anonymous Investors + Zack and Robbie = Ethical Problems

Jordan Green from Yes Weekly CLICK TITLE ABOVE writes an article out this week September 17, 2008 in regards to the area of Highway 68 North of the Airport which just passed the Guilford County planning department to allow for a Mixed Use Development on land off of Leabourne Road.

Mary Fabrizio a resident of the area had this to say in the article "This feels a lot like land speculation,It stinks because two of the investors are sitting on the Greensboro City Council.”

Jordan Green in the article writes this,"At-large Councilman Robbie Perkins and District 3 Councilman Zack Matheny have abstained from a city council vote on the project because of conflicts of interest.Derek Allen, the lawyer with Brooks Pierce law firm who argued the case before the planning board, said that the two councilmen “had interest in groups that had interest in that property.” The limited liability company interested in developing the property, which is currently owned by WA Kennedy Jr., was organized in June by Jennifer C. Noble, a lawyer with Brooks Pierce. The company’s registered agent is Stanhope Johnson, a partner with NAI Piedmont Triad, a commercial real estate company headed by Perkins. "

As you can see that 2 well connected Greensboro City Council Members Zack Matheny and Robbie Perkins are now working together to land speculate on property right across the street from the new GTCC building.On top of this you see that the lawyer for this rezoning happens to be a lawyer by the name of Derek Allen who works for Brooks Pierce Law Firm as you can see from above Jennifer Noble with the same law firm is heading up these anonymous investors on this piece of property. Let's also add that Stan Hope Johnson is the registered agent who is a partner with Greensboro City Council Member Robbie Perkins.Can you connect the dots on this one?

If this is a trend and Derek Allen Lawyer from Brooks Pierce represents both Zack MAtheny and Robbie Perkins in zoning cases like this one then I hope that if there is any zoning case in the future that comes in front of the Greensboro City Council then both of them will have to recuse themselves from each zoning case.It is a matter of time before the State Legislators are going to have to do an INTERVENTION in Guilford County to come up with a plan to stop this conflicts of interest and have some meaningful local government ethics legislation to stop this crap.

One amazing fact that came out from the planning department is to hear that Leabourne Road now has around 2,000 cars each day as their traffic count. Once this development gets going it will jump to 21,000 cars a day. Traveling up and down Highway 68 is really bad especially in the morning where traffic on the 2 lane hwy. 68 sometimes backs up to a crawl all the way to Oak Ridge. Now they want to add 21,000 cars a day to this area seems like a mess in the making. NCDOT will need to get their head out of their ass on this one and widen the road all the way to Oak Ridge to 4 lanes NOW NOT LATER.To add a 40 acre shopping center and a 400 unit apartment complex to this rural area of Guilford County seems a little too much on the over developed side of the issue. But hey who is to argue with the local powerbrokers or as I like to call them the TREBIC CARTEL.


the anonymous investors are under the name of leabourne 68 llc


Fecund Stench said...

Thank you. Maybe the NCDOT will put up signs on 220 South where 68 starts indicating it's the urban loop. Hopefully, strangers will go left on 220, taking some pressure off. They can always get on Bryan Blvd. further South.

BTW, using phrases like "head up the ass" will endear you to people like me, but put off the more serious bloggers and would be journalists. Of course, most of them are already in Robbie's pocket.

Anonymous said...

I simply can not understand why the people of Greensboro keep electing that sleaze bag Perkins! BB

triadwatch said...

fec , I know sometimes you have to say what you think and as long as I have you who gives a shit.Just call me a citizen journalist with a twist.

BB, it is time for the citizens of Greensboro to have a dump the developer party on the greensboro city council in 2009.

Bubba said...

"Of course, most of them are already in Robbie's pocket."

"Serious" bloggers? What else would we expect?

The "serious" bloggers are always part of the problem, and never a part of the solution, regardless of what their rhetoric would lead the casual reader to believe.

I think it's time the "serious" bloggers get taken down, in much the same way as we are taking down cretins like Perkins and Matheny.

Good work,as usual, Keith.

triadwatch said...

thanks bubba, more to come this weekend if i get time.