Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding Planner on New Garden Road Withdrawn

The Wedding Planner which was up for rezoning for 1807 and 1809 New Garden Road has been withdrawn by Derek " Conflict of Interest" Allen, CLICKHERE to see what was posted on TRIADWATCH before. This is now twice that neighbors have came before the city council for Derek Allen to continue and now withdraw this rezoning case.

I am sure that Mr. Allen likes to counts votes and new that it wasn't even close to passing the Greensboro City Council so instead of denying the rezoning case he decided to stick his tail between his legs and run.You also need to remember that he has withdrawn this case and I am sure that he is going to go back to the drawing board to think up some other scheme to get this passed. So the friends of new garden CLICKHERE , great job on this rezoning case , it is time that neighborhoods stand up to ridiculous rezoning cases.Also remember that it is withdrawn and can come back up in future.

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