Saturday, September 13, 2008

Olga Wright Candidate for District 58 N.C. State House Has Campaign Issues

Olga Wright CLICKHERE who is running for N.C. State House District 58 against Alma Adams has some explaining to do to the North Carolina State Board of Elections. According to the letter sent to the Wright Committee, CLICK ON THE TITLE ABOVE where Olga Wright is also her own treasurer dated July 31, 2008 . This letter is a penalty assessment for not filing her campaign contribution forms on time. She also missed the deadline for filing on 2008 first quarter and 2007 semi annual report. The total is $1,000.

In her filing on July 15, 2008 Olga Wright says the following to the State Board of Elections."Adam, I received my Notice of Penalty assessment. I am going to file a request to have the fees waived or in the alternative, allow me the opportunity to raise funds to pay for the penalty.As you see, I have no money to speak of in my campaign account."

Olga Wright is also the secretary of the Guilford County Republican Party. How can you expect to have a viable campaign against Alma Adams with no money in your account as of July 15, 2008. While also looking at your campaign returns it seems that there is a pattern on non compliance with turning your campaign forms on time from the past like 07 mid year and 04 third quarter late.

It is not that hard to turn in your campaign forms on time but to Olga Wright it must be a challenge. It might be time to let someone else be your treasurer because how can we trust you with our state tax money when you can't even turn in a campaign form on time.

IF there has been any updates on this situation on the penalty assessment , please make a comment on this site, or if Olga Wright would like to make a statement please do.

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