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The YES! Weekly Blog: Hairston apartments: a test case for RUCO

Jordan Green from Yes Weekly had a post yesterday which can be seen above. In the post you will see this was written,

"Meanwhile the RUCO task force will be meeting at 8 a.m. on Friday to evaluate whether the program should continue. Where is the location? Wait for it: The Greensboro offices of Triad Real Estate & Building Industries Coalition, or TREBIC, its better known acronym. "

Does anyone want to say who is running the City of Greensboro when you have a city appointed board meeting at the special interest lobbyist offices. There isn't a city municipal building to use for this meeting or maybe a public library to hold this meeting at . Then we have Jordan Green also say in the comments section after a comment from this blog this,

"If holding a task force meeting at the headquarters of the industry association for the industry subject to regulation doesn't exactly prove that the regulatory process is captive to said interests, then I guess it doesn't do anything to dispel that perception either."

Today we also have ed cone chiming in as well with this to say about the above comment from Jordan Green

"Why no, it doesn't."  CLICKHERE

There is a lot of history in regards to RUCO and the City of Greensboro but let's stick to the local special interest lobbyist group in TREBIC and their leader Marlene Sanford. When will this ever quit, how many more examples do we need to point out for all to see. The saying "Fox Guarding The Hen House " is a complete understatement in regards to TREBIC and their total influence on everything in Greensboro and Guilford County.

David Wharton had this to say back in January of 2009 from his blog A Little Urbanity,
"I made some comments at the meeting, too, in which I focused on the fact that the building and real estate industries hold majorities on key boards and commissions, specifically the Zoning Commission, the RUCO board, the Board of Adjustment, and the Land Development Ordinance Citizens Advisory Team (of which I was a member)."

The above comments were also related to when a group of well organized citizens from all over greensboro and a interloper from High Point waged a year long battle against TREBIC and bringing back Protest Petitions to Greensboro. If you want to read all about this then go to the birthplace of TRIADWATCH in Protest Petitions for Greensboro CLICKHERE .

This is not new news on the influence of TREBIC,  but it needs to stop and a complete overhaul of all boards and commissions needs to happen because a little trouble is also brewing on the local Greensboro ABC Commission as we speak .

Isn't it funny to hear that a Greensboro commissioned board RUCO is meeting at the local special interest group's office of TREBIC,     FOX MEET HEN HOUSE

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