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Stacking The Deck on Boards and Commissions in Greensboro N.C.+Friendly Ave. Rezoning + History

A lot of talk has been going around about the rezoning case in Greensboro off of Friendly Avenue and Hobbs Road with 3 opinion pieces in the Greensboro News and Record 2 for the developers and one for the neighborhood.

on Thursday we had this one

Zoning case: NIMBY attitude surfaces yet again by ex planning board members Cyndy Hayworth and Tony Collins

then on Sunday we had this

Counterpoint: Land’s best use is commercial by zoning commission members Mary Skenes and Rick Pinto

also on Sunday was this

Point: Parcel should stay residential by Scott Kinsey Friendly Coalition

NOTE:TREBIC CARTEL is the Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition

It is time we take a stroll down memory lane in regards to what has been happening for a very longtime in Greensboro North Carolina for how the developers in town stack the deck in regards to boards and commissions  ,we need to look at what happened when citizens from Greensboro and a interloper from High Point  banded together to bring back Protest Petitons to the citizens of Greensboro . Below is what UNC-G Professor had to say at his blog :

David Wharton from A Little Urbanity blog had this to say back when the TREBIC CARTEL was fighting bringing back Protest Petitions which still resonates today

I made some comments at the meeting, too,  in which I focused on the fact that the building and real estate industries hold majorities on key boards and commissions, specifically the Zoning Commission, the RUCO board, the Board of Adjustment, and the Land Development Ordinance Citizens Advisory Team (of which I was a member).

Marlene Sanford of TREBIC took issue with my figures, disputing in particular the LDO CAT numbers, which I said was weighted 11-4 in favor of real estate interests. Since this is a public board, I don't think I'll be violating anyone's privacy by posting their names and occupations here. So here they are:
Trip BrownBrown Investment Properties (TREBIC member)
Mike Fox
Tuggle Duggins and Meshan PA (TREBIC member company)
Dick Franks
Koury Corporation (TREBIC member)
Gary Hill
Jessica Marlies
Environmental law attorney
Bob Powell
North Carolina A&T University
Keith Price
Samet Corporation (TREBIC member)
Todd Rangel
Commercial real estate manager
SunTrust Bank
Gary Rogers
Starmount Company (TREBIC member)
Todd Rotruck
Independent Contractor
Mary Skenes
Yost and Little (TREBIC member)
Gary Wolf
Sparrow Wolf & Dennis, PA (TREBIC member)
David Wharton
UNC Greensboro

Some might quibble with the way I counted. Mike Fox and Gary Wolf are both attorneys, but I counted them as being in the real estate industry because both of their firms are TREBIC members. And though Todd Rotruck was appointed as a representative of the GNC, he's also a contractor in the building industry.
A few more post at TRIADWATCH
  Marlene Sanford, Greensboro Partnership, TREBIC= Stacking the Deck on Boards and Commissions
in this article was this
"When will see a change in the mind set on who needs to be appointed to these boards and commissions because it has become a broken record. How has it become a broken record because here is what was reported back in 2008 from the protest petition for Greensboro N.C. blog

"In the Triad Business Journal January18-24 2008 in the Triad Talk section this is what was said. " Developers always have the upper hand in Guilford County" says Reid Phillips, an attorney with Brooks Pierce in Greensboro. They have boards packed with their people. They have experience. They are masters of divide and conquer. They can also wear people out with continuances.

It is hard for grass roots efforts to compete with this modus operandi."
Stacking the Deck with Developers
TREBIC + RUCO = Fox Guarding Hen House
Here is What Stack The Deck With TREBIC Developers Looks Like in Greensboro N.C.on CAT TEAM
Even today on the boards and commissions we have plenty who are in real estate and development industry stacking the deck
Mary Skenes  Yost and Little TREBIC CARTEL MEMBER
Paul Gilmer plenty was discussed on this appointment HERE
Russ Parmele Brown Investment TREBIC CARTEL MEMBER
Peter Placentino Brown Investment TREBIC CARTEL MEMBER
John Martin
Marc Isaacson who is King Zoning Stud Henry Isaacson's Son and law firm is major player in TREBIC CARTEL
Frankie T Jones was at smith moore leatherwood law firm TREBIC member but now at Lincoln financial
Rick Mossman  CBRE is TREBIC CARTEL member
Just remember about these appointments and for neighborhoods across Greensboro the deck is not stacked in your favor and it is not a even playing field with the local media having 2 against one in regards to the friendly rezoning articles out in the past few days and don't want to even talk about the PRO Trader Joe's piece written by News and Record a few weeks ago.
Stay strong friendly coalition,am sure the TREBIC CARTEL's lawyers from hypocrite lawyer Tom Terrell to King Zoning Stud Henry Isaacson have tried and failed at this property . They might need to get High Point's King Zoning Stud  James Morgan  on the case. Just remind James how protest petitions in a High Point zoning case helped a few years later bring it back to Greensboro after 30 + years.

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