Sunday, January 5, 2014

City of Greensboro Helping Public Notice Laws to 2014 Standards with New Bid Website

The City of Greensboro has made a new public website for construction bid opportunities,  , which has helpful links to information for bidders interested in participating on City construction projects.

This is a real big step for cities and counties all over this state to understand the importance of the internet and not having to pay the local monopolistic paid papers to place public notice bids on a weekly basis.

This past year in the North Carolina General Assembly we have seen lawmakers propose laws to let cities and counties save taxpayer money on public notices for example our own Senator Dr. Trudy Wade in Senate Bill #186   and we also had House member Rep. Jon Hardister House Bill #504  works it's way through the process but nothing was passed because the blowhards from the N.C. Press Association oppose it at every turn with help from N.C. Press Assoc. Head Cheerleader Rep. Marilyn Avila and other lawmakers who are scared they are going to get bad press for actually saving taxpayer money and thinking it is 2014 not 1949 with these antiquated public notice laws.

It is great to see the City of Greensboro be proactive in regards to the bidding process and letting more customers get their information online and hopefully in the future we will see more laws passed that will also help out in the process without having the by state law put a ad in a local paper with font sizes so small you need a magnifier to see the bid or public notice.

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