Monday, December 30, 2013

Greensboro VS. Charlotte or Charlotte Observer VS. Greensboro News and Record Topic: Rail Yards

December 27, 2013 front page of the Greensboro News and Record is this story

Greensboro Rail Yard Aids Local Access to International Markets

one small spot off of Merritt Drive HERE

then today we have this from the Charlotte Observer December 30, 2013

City Hopes New Rail Yard Kicks Off Boom Around Airport

in the observer article is this

"The hope is that improved roads and other infrastructure, such as water and sewer service, will attract more businesses, including manufacturing, trucking and warehouse companies. More than 5,000 acres of largely undeveloped land known as Dixie Berryhill sits west of the airport, and Charlotte Douglas is spending $35 million to buy a 370-acre neighborhood south of the rail yard.

Christine said about 25 properties in the neighborhood have been purchased, and an additional 60 are at the appraisal stage before the airport buys them. The plan is to raze the houses and use the land for businesses tied to the rail yard.

Charlotte’s capital improvement plan also includes $43 million worth of road improvements in Dixie Berryhill. Christine said his committee is looking at the best way to build those roads, which will also include modifications to straighten and expand existing roads.

A grand opening of the intermodal yard is planned for next year, said Norfolk Southern spokesman Robin Chapman. Most of the rails have been laid and rolling cranes are in place, but construction of buildings and support facilities is ongoing.
 The lot cost $92 million, including almost $16 million worth of state and federal grants. North Carolina and Charlotte also funded $9.7 million worth of road improvements around the rail yard, including a new interchange at Interstate 485 and West Boulevard that allows trucks easier access to the facility."_____________________________________________________________________________ Buying out whole neighborhoods for $35 million dollars. Will we ever see that happen in the Triad area around the airport?

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Billy Jones said...

Keith wrote: "Buying out whole neighborhoods for $35 million dollars. Will we ever see that happen in the Triad area around the airport?"

Not in mine and your lifetime but if railroad yards is what the want PTI Investments May Be In The Wrong Part Of Greensboro:

"You realize the North Carolina Railroad has tracks running through East Greensboro all the way to the Port of Wilmington and several empty industrial properties with rail sidings are positioned along them. Several other industrial properties in East Greensboro could get rail sidings for an investment of about $300,000. And Wilmington is far closer than Norfork. Folks, we're talking about investments of a few Million vs the Hundreds of Millions the politicians and economic development "gurus" normally speak of."

We now have proof beyond the shadow of a doubt that Greensboro has no leadership.

keith brown said...

They sure did put millions around the Charlotte airport in regards to this