Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guilford County Rep. Jon Hardister Files Public Notice Bill #504 in House Side of North Carolina Legislature on April 2, 2013

Guilford County North Carolina State Representative District #59 Jon Hardister is a primary sponsor of House Bill #504 titled "local electronic notice". This bill on the house side along with the help of another Guilford County Representative in Senator Dr. Wade with her being a primary sponsor of bill #186 then to be safe she also filed a local bill in regards to public notice bills for Guilford County in bill #287 .
The House Bill #504 is a local bill and will only be a part of counties consisting of BUNCOMBE, GUILFORD, HENDERSON, MECKLENBURG, MITCHELL, PERQUIMANS, STANLY, SURRY, WAKE.
Triadwatch has devoted a lot of time to this issue trying to help save taxpayers monies that does not need to be spent. As I was quoted in a news article in the Greensboro News and Record on Monday April 1, 2013 in regards to the tax delinquency bill we pay in this county that cost us for one day close to $97,000, here is what I had to say;
"“It’s not 1949 anymore, it’s not 1969, it’s 2013,” Brown said Friday. “This information is already available online 24 hours a day from the tax department instead of one day a year in a newspaper advertisement that costs $97,000. Anyone who doesn’t have a computer or Internet can go to their local library and see this information.”
I would like to thank Rep. Hardister for being a primary sponsor on this bill and we see a change for the better in regards to public notices in this state and at the same time saving taxpayers monies on not having to publish in paid newspapers. If you would like to see more on this issue here are a few post
and it also looks like the gloves are off and the N.C. Press Association has their
RED SIREN BILL ALERT in regards to House Bill #504 and Senate Bill #186 and they might need to know about Senate Bill #287 as well.
It will be interesting to see what happens but I urge all residents of any county in North Carolina to get in touch with your representative to let them know it is time to save tax money and pass these bills.
To get in touch with your representative you can see this interactive map titled

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