Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Did You See the $80,000 Waste of Taxpayers Money in Today's Greensboro News and Record?

Did you happen to see the insert in the Greensboro News and Record today which is the yearly waste of over $96,000 of your taxpayers money. Triadwatch has a public records request for this years final figures from the Guilford County Tax Department which might take a month to get the bills from the Greensboro News and Record, High Point Enterprise, and Carolina Peacemaker with them publishing the tax delinquency of citizens in Guilford County.

Each county and municipality has to by law under North Carolina General Statute 105-369 publish this in a paid newspaper. How many of you actually cared about looking at this insert in today's paper? Some of these North Carolina laws are such a waste of taxpayers money and having public notices in a dying circulation is not the future of public notices in the State of North Carolina.

We do have our newest member of the North Carolina Senate from Guilford County Dr. Trudy Wade introduce her first bill as a primary sponsor Senate Bill #186 which happens to be a public notice bill and hopefully we can get some momentum behind this bill for it to pass and become law.

If there was ever a complete waste of taxpayers money all you needed to do was pick up today's Greensboro News and Record to see the 21 page insert of tax delinquency in Guilford County but one thing that is known is you can see this on a 24-7 basis on the Guilford County Tax Department Web Site . Hopefully you are lucky to pick up today's paper to see this 21 page insert because tomorrow you will not see it at all and as we can also see from the updated Greensboro News and Record web site public notices are so important to them that they did not make one section for public notices be a part of their revised web site. We can see that the Charlotte Observer partnered with legal  to provide this information for their web content and added a public notices section. Will we see any changes from our local paper? I doubt it.

This blog post brought to you by triad citizens against government waste.

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