Tuesday, March 5, 2013

N.C. Senator Dr. Wade introduces Public Notice Bill #186 in Regards to Publication by Counties and Cities in North Carolina

North Carolina Senator Dr. Trudy Wade introduces a bill today in regards to public notices for counties and cities in the State of North Carolina . Here is a link to the bill and also at the end of this blog post will be the whole bill in a scribd version CLICKHERE.

Public Notice laws in the State of North Carolina needed to upgrade to the computer age . Seeing a bill like this will help in this process. I would like to thank Senator Wade for introducing this important bill to save the taxpayers of this state millions of dollars . We will see how this bill moves through the Senate and will update you on how the N.C. Press Association will cry foul on this bill and it is time to see the taxpayers assisted paid papers money train go bye bye.


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Anonymous said...

The fear is that now there will be no one to keep our City and County leaders's feet to the fire and hold them accountable. If they handle the notices and the purse strings where are the stops and balances??