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Repost on $218,775.13 is Amount Guilford County Taxpayers Waste on Public Notices in Greensboro News and Record

This is a repost on a past blog post but with the renewed interest in saving taxpayers money it would be beneficial to look at some of these past posts in regards to wasting taxpayers money on public notices

Guilford County Public Notice Invoices 2011 From Local Print Media

Triadwatch did a public records request for information on just how much taxpayers money is spent in the past year and a half on having to put public notices in the local paid print media.

There has been 3 previous post in regards to this wasteful spending on this blog:


$86,740.29 is the Amount Guilford County Taxpayers  Paid for Tax Delinquency in Greensboro News and Record on March 23, 2011


$31,665.96 City of Greensboro Wasteful Spending on Public Notices in Carolina Peacemaker


$96,288.47 City of Greensboro on Wasteful Spending on Public Notices in Greensboro News and Record

Now you can see with the above scribd document that was provided from Guilford County to what has been paid out in taxpayers money to the Greensboro News and Record from 3-1-2010 through 4-30-2011 below is the break down of 5 different vendor numbers that pertains to a different department who put public notices in the paper.

Greensboro News and Record Public Notice Billing by Vendor # from 3-1-2010 through 4-30-2011

Vendor # 65763  = $1,811.03

Vendor # 65767  = $175,385.68

Vendor # 65777  = $1,605.83

Vendor # 65787  = $4,317.69

Vendor # 65778  = $35,654.90

TOTAL = $218,775.13

So if you are a  City of Greensboro taxpayer adding this post and the previous post you are spending $314,963.60 in your tax dollars to place public notices in the Greensboro News and Record.Do you think this is a good use of taxpayer money? NO

Is it time to let our state lawmakers know that you would support a bill to have these public notices available on the local governments web site for all to see on a daily basis not just on one day of showing it in the local papers or putting public notices in papers not available to every part of the city like Greensboro's Carolina Peacemaker.

Right now we are seeing the local paid newspapers all over this state write editorials and also ads in their papers wanting to stop house bill #472 and senate bill #773 from going forward.

If you agree with saving taxpayers money all over this state then now is the time to let your state lawmakers know you support  House Bill #472 and Senate Bill #773. If you need a link to find your representative in the North Carolina Legislature CLICKHERE

We will have one final post that will add up all the taxpayers money up to this point from the public records request from Guilford County, City of Greensboro and also got the numbers from the City of High Point to add to the final tally on public notices in local paid newspapers. After seeing the tax delinquency in the Greensboro News and Record a few months ago it got me thinking how much this cost the taxpayers. Then seeing the Greensboro News and Record editorial  "Help Public see Notices" CLICKHERE , they never once said how much money they made off the taxpayers in the past year in this editorial or even that they were on the government trough. Now we know that the Greensboro News and Record is making $314,963.60. It is time for this expense to go away .

There is one question that i want to do more research on in regards to this matter is if the foreclosure notices in the paper are a function of the county or is this a state issue to pay for those notices. The reason i ask is because those are very lengthly and if the state pays for these than this $300,000 plus taxpayer money towards these bills would make this number a lot higher. If anyone knows the answer please inform in the comment section of this post.

Citizens Against Government Waste , triad edition.

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