Monday, October 17, 2011

What about the ethics of the News & Record's "barter agreement" tickets?...Why not mention the N&R's Conflict of Interest?

A Different Ball Game

The crowds and the quality of basketball aren’t the only things in decline at the ACC tournament. So is its political prestige.

Back when, the tournament was The Place to Be for The Powers That Be. A walk around the concourse was a power walk among legislators, decision-makers and North Carolina’s elite.

But long-time tournament-goers tell me it has changed dramatically. One long-time lobbyist said that, the last time he went, he walked around the concourse twice and didn’t see a soul he knew. He came home Thursday and watched the rest of the games on TV.

What happened?

Ethics happened. Legislators can no longer accept free tickets from the universities and corporate lobbyists. And they’re too cheap to buy their own.

And so another great political tradition dribbles off into history.

Gary Pearce, via Doug Clark


If the Coliseum receives $1.8 million from Greensboro taxpayers per year,
how many free tickets has the GN&R’s Editorial Board received from whom?

The Greensboro News & Record's Code of EthicsWhy would the Rhino Times, which receives ad revenue from the Coliseum,
explain a free ACC ticket issue with a caveat?

Bartering With The Greensboro Coliseum Part #2 Greensboro News and RecordShameless cheerleading / propaganda without disclosing conflicts of interest,
by Greensboro’s News & Record Editorial Board?
Why are free meals out of bounds for ABC managers
but free tickets to the Circus OK for City Council Members?

Free Tickets To The Circus Handed Out By Greensboro City Council Members,
Is This Legal or Ethical or Conflict of Interest?

Elected Officials in Charlotte Have Their Own Version of Free Tickets,
Time for a State Law Banning Free Tickets
ABC Board and unreported City Council Ticket Scandal Revisit:
Regulator on the pay to play take, gets job with those regulated?
Should the ABC Board Resign?
Greensboro City Council Member Zack Matheny
Did Receive Free Tickets To Greensboro Coliseum Video Embedded

Greensboro City Council ...Email from Rhino Times
for Free Skating and Concert Tickets ...Mary never saw the email...
On the Rhino and journalism ethics: publishers,
reporters and those who endorse political candidates "giving" complimentary anything
Rhino Times Barter Agreement with the Taxpayer Owned and Funded Greensboro Coliseum
Ringling Brothers Circus Solicits Free Tickets to Greensboro City Council Member Trudy Wade

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