Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ringling Brothers Circus Solicits Free Tickets to Greensboro City Council Member Trudy Wade

Greensboro City Council member Dr. Trudy Wade received this fax from FELD Entertainment to receive 2 free tickets to the Circus that was just in town this past week, she did not accept the offer. Now we see the document that goes with  the video CLICKHERE from fellow council member Danny Thompson who wanted to thank fellow council members for giving him their free tickets last year in 2010.

Let's take a look at what has happened all over this country in regards to free tickets and local officials.

LA Ethics Commission votes to ban free tickets to public officials CLICKHERE

Jindal advisors urge ban on free tickets for legislators CLICKHERE

Paterson fined over World Series tickets CLICKHERE

The Battle to keep public officials from accepting free tickets to Iron Bowl was lost but maybe the war was won  CLICKHERE

Free tickets to Arizona school officials raises ethics questions CLICKHERE

Ethics overhaul focuses on free tickets CLICKHERE

Some people will think these solicitation of free circus tickets are petty and don't mean anything but there should not be any instance where a local elected official should take any free ticket to any event . If you want to go to the event then pay your way and show that you did pay.

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