Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why would the Rhino Times, which receives ad revenue from the Coliseum, explain a free ACC ticket issue with a caveat?

Tournament Tickets

...Do you know how many ticket books are given to the Coliseum and…who gets them?...

Anonymous [Rhino Letter to the Editor submitter]

[Rhino] Editors Note: Elected officials do not get free tickets to the ACC tournament from the Coliseum.

Rhino Times, February 25, 2010

Hartzman Questions:

Why the qualified response?

Does any entity give elected officials free tickets for anything
at the Coliseum or anywhere else?

If the Coliseum receives $1.8 million from Greensboro taxpayers per year,
how much does the Rhino receive in advertizing dollars
indirectly paid for with some of the community’s money?

If the Coliseum receives $1.8 million from Greensboro taxpayers per year,
how many complimentary tickets have the Rhino or its employees received from whom?

If some have received free tickets,
has any reporting and/or budgetary appropriation been compromised?

Aren’t gifts to elected officials supposed to be reported?

If those who received free tickets did not attend said events,
who did, and what was the face value of any admissions
relative to any campaign contributions?

If tickets were circulated for the Circus,
were some distributed for “Around the World in 80 Days” at Triad Stage?

Please contact TriadWatch with any interesting tidbits.

Free Tickets To The Circus Handed Out By Greensboro City Council Members, Is This Legal or Ethical or Conflict of Interest?

Greensboro and Guilford County Information Requests Emailed February 24, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Great post.

Stupid video.

Anonymous said...

Of course the coliseum does not give away free thickets, that would be wrong. Who is to say that the coliseum encourages the event sponsors, promoters, vendors, etc. from passing their tickets along????

Anonymous said...

so matt tells the circus promoters or whoever, like the Eagles promoter, at $140 per ticket, to slide some stuff to Councilmembers, and then our elected representatives reup Mr. Brown's contract with nice raises, while the rhino and whoever else keep thier traps shut because of the ad revenue.


Anonymous said...

No wonder why matt brown is the highest paid city employee.

Anonymous said...

Is that how the Coliseum got the Aquatic Center from the Dept of Parks and Rec?

That must have cost season tickets to something.

Anonymous said...

So John Hammer rips Obama about corruption but looks the other way when it's about his pocket book.

A true conservative.

Anonymous said...

I thought the new mayor was supposed to fix this stuff.

how about the new city manager.

where are the election people?

I want my free tickets.

Anonymous said...

it makes sense that the rhino would be "owned" by the coliseum like they are owned by their real estate advertizers.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what's written, as long as they sell the advertizing space in between.

Most people just want to see the pretty girls and the Colesium concert schedule.

The political writing is just filler.

It atracts about 5% of the audience, and the rest sells sex.

Anonymous said...

This makes it sound like being a Councilman is all about freebies.

Makes it look true.

triadwatch said...

it was interesting to see the rhino parse words and say they don't get the tickets from coliseum . Let's seee how many tickets are funnelled from promoter to council members.

Anonymous said...

So the Rhino gets about $50,000 from the Colesium per year for the weekly full page ad.

the Real estate folks do the insert.

the other entertainment venues supply the rest unless it's political season, when the politians pay the Rhino for ads with the Developers money.

Greensboro is an owned city and the hammer boys are the enablers.

Heard the Isaacsons have taken zoning board members on out of town golf trips.

Henry is Roy Carroll's lawyer, and spoke at Jim Kee's initial fundraiser.

It's a great party for those on the inside spending everyone elses money

triadwatch said...

with all this talk about the downtown hotel , one person who has not taken any hits is Henry Isaacson for being the lawyer for urban group and ole asheboro. Would love to find out the details of the golf outing from isaacson.

Anonymous said...

Just wait untill the budget cuts come in and Council has to fire city employees while their building the Aquatic Center with borrowed money.

All those free tickets suddenly look like bribes that went to screw the taxpayers out of fixed pot holes to have a swimming pool for the political contributors who probably ended up with free tickets from thier councilmembers.

Looks like the cops are in the bag as well with thier overtime for standing around at a city owned venue when it could cost half as much.

Anonymous said...

Where is the new mayor on this?