Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If the Coliseum receives $1.8 million from Greensboro taxpayers per year, how many free tickets has the GN&R’s Editorial Board received from whom?

Sometimes people mistake the way I talk
for what I am thinking.

Idi Amin

Running the coliseum

…Matt Brown is a lot like the star basketball players…

…the coliseum's managing director, has a shooter's touch. And a shooter's memory.

Just because one Big Idea fails to draw iron doesn't mean the next one won't be anything but net.

…Brown has scored more hits than misses, and he's generally regarded as being very good at what he does.

…Brown makes a valid point.

…The coliseum is an important and precious local asset.

Greensboro News and Record Editorial Board


Anonymous said...

The Greensboro Coliseum Complex has the following advertising trade agreements
in place for the 2010-11 Fiscal Year:
$90,000 with News & Record in exchange for Club Seats,
[and] Triad Best of Broadway season tickets...

City of Greensboro response to a Triad Watch information request

Anonymous said...

Well now, we'll never see an honest article other than a fluff piece about the the Coliseum in the NR now will we?