Monday, December 29, 2008

New Garden Road Wedding Planner Gone, Here Comes Another Rezoning on New Garden

While traveling down New Garden Road in Greensboro North Carolina yesterday . There was a new rezoning sign on the property that tried to get a wedding facility proposed for that property back in early fall here are the past post on that issue

Stop The Wedding Planner CLICKHERE

Stop The Wedding Planner Withdrawn CLICKHERE

Mapquest of where this rezoning is CLICKHERE

This also spurred on a group of citizens in the area to start a blog called Friends of New Garden CLICKHERE

This new rezoning is compatible with the neighborhood across the street and should have been proposed the first time on that property. Here is what the neighborhood is saying about this new rezoning case.

On Dec. 1, the owner of the lots send a letter to nearby neighbors saying that she now believed the lots would be better used for multifamily development. She thinks the style and size of units that would be compatible are similar to those at Seven Gables on the other end of New Garden. The price ranges would be from $350,000 to $400,000 according to the owner. The back part of the property (wet land area) would not be rezoned. She asked for comments and several of us nearest to this property did let her know that this was certainly a viable option since it would be similar to developments across the street, not make any significant impact on traffic, and would be quiet (unlike an event center!).

It would not be realistic to hope that those properties would remain single family at this stage of the game because of the rezoning to upscale multi-family that has already taken place across the street.

The City of Greensboro sent out a Notice of Public Hearing about this new rezoning request. The hearing will be on January 12 at 2pm and those of us who protested the rezoning to an event center are not planning on disputing this new request as it stands. If anyone wants to attend to make sure it passes as requested, they are certainly welcome but there’s no need for a neighborhood gathering or effort.

Here are quotes from the letter from the city.

“A proposal to rezone . . from RS-12 (residential-single family) to CD-RM-5 (conditional district-residential multi family) has been received… The RM-5 zoning district is intended to accommodate duplexes, twin homes, townhouses, cluster housing and similar residential uses at a density of 5.0 units per acre or less. The requested CD-RM-5 application contains the following conditions:

1) Uses: Limited to a maximum of 22 townhomes/condomium for sale
2) Building exterior shall be at least 50% brick with some stone and wood accents
3) Access shall be limited to one curb cut on New Garden Road
4) Each townhome/condominium shall have an attached garage.

If approved, use of the property would be limited to the uses and by the conditions listed above.”

If you have questions or concerns, contact Friends of New Garden via the e-mail link on the web site,
The web site should be updated soon.

Everyone has their own opinion and this e-mail is not an official notification from the Friends of New Garden, however, the small group of residents of Woodland Hills who initiated the action taken to defeat the proposal for an event center generally accepts that this is the most realistic option for that piece of property and probably the best we can hope for. We are not planning on taking any action against this new proposal.

Let's take a few issues with this new rezoning case. The traffic on New Garden is horrendous especially where after Jefferson Road it turns back down in to a 2 lane road. Expanding the road to 4 lanes should be a top priority for the City of Greensboro even with a minimal impact of these townhomes. A condition should be put on to say that this development will get the go ahead as long as the 4 lane road is built to handle the increased traffic.

One other aspect of this rezoning case is for the City of Greensboro to make these rezoning cases have a required meeting with the effected neighbors not just a voluntary meeting . It is becoming apparent that the developers want minimal input from neighbors all you have to do is look at how the rezoning case off of elm street and cornwallis where the neighbors were not informed till the last minute. Here is the link to their blog CLICKHERE

Time for the City of Greensboro to make a requirement to meet with neighbors not voluntary. Below is a link to a prior article in TRIADWATCH where it talks about the High Point City Council has a requirement and what it says.

Here is the title of the article

Mike Barber wants a Love Fest with Local Developers CLICKHERE and at the bottom of article is the Citizen Information Meeting for High Point N.C.


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