Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guilford County Voters Nice Job on Soil and Water

Yes Weekly is reporting tonight that the candidate for soil and water who won in November is now out of the county CLICKHERE

This is a great case that if you don't know who to vote for don't vote at all. Or in the case of the Simkins Political Action Committee it is ok to tell them I don't need your piece of paper to vote , I have a brain.

Here is what was reported back in October in TRIADWATCH with the title being"Found a Soil and Water Candidate to Vote for in Guilford County" CLICKHERE

Andrew Courts needs to be the new Soil and Water District Supervisor. It is only fair to the 33, 847 who voted for him and if it is true as Yes Weekly is reporting in that Kirk Perkins is not in this county at all.

We will see what the Greensboro News and Record reports tomorrow on this.



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