Saturday, January 3, 2009

Simkins Political Action Committee A Part of David Wray Lawsuit

The Simkins Political Action Committee is now a part of the David Wray lawsuit against the City of Greensboro.

This new development was brought to the forefront by local blogger Ben Holder and his site called The Troublemaker CLICKHERE

Then friend and local blogger Joe Guarino made a post CLICKHERE

While looking at the lawsuit brought against the City of Greensboro there was a interesting points made which were #18 and #19. If you would like to see the whole lawsuit thanks to The Troublemaker click on the title above or go to the posts provided by both bloggers.

Here is what item #18 said:

Hinson was represented by a prominent Greensboro attorney with ties to a well -known African American Political Action Committee in Greensboro ( the "Simkins PAC").

Here is what item #19 said:

The Simkins PAC has over the years demonstrated an ability to mobilize members of the African American community in Greensboro for purposes of targeted voting, and has been so successful that politicians running for office in Greensboro, whether white or African American, seek the endorsement of the Simkins PAC in order to be elected.


The Simkins PAC has been getting a lot of scrutiny lately and TRIADWATCH has a inquiry with the North Carolina Board of Elections as to the contributions of a certain non-profit named Action Greensboro to the Simkins PAC . Here is the post on that issue back on November 9, 2008.

Here is the title of the post "Simkins PAC in Bed with Action Greensboro Illegally"


Everyone is well aware of the Simkins PAC and the total vote buying scheme that this PAC is a part of.My hope for the future is for the African American community to say to this PAC , screw your piece of paper endorsement I have a brain.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out in a court of law and to see the implications on the Simkins PAC.

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