Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stop the Wedding Planner on New Garden Road in Greensboro

There is a new group formed to stop the Wedding Planner from going up on New Garden Road. They are called STOP THE REZONING! Friends of New Garden Road, CLICKHERE . You can click on the title above to see the rezoning map in question. This area is between jefferson & brassfield road on new garden road.

Stop the Rezoning of New Garden Road


Tuesday, September 16
5:30 (get there early for a seat)

Please join us at the City Council Chambers, Melvin Municipal Building , to protest the rezoning of 1807 and 1809 New Garden Road from residential to commercial zoning.
The owner wants to build an events center in our residential neighborhood, bringing great noise, more traffic and a huge building and parking lot in a residential neighborhood.
For more information or to sign the letter of protest:

This rezoning case was postponed on August 4th because Derek "conflict of interest"Allen from Brooks Pierce Law Firm came up at the last minute to get a continuance on this rezoning case. The neighbors were none too happy to see this lawyer in question come up at last minute to have the continuance.It made for a few brief discussions and also a directive from the Greensboro City Council to come up with better communications with surrounding owners on rezoning continuance request.

In regards to trying to get better procedures in place for the continuance of rezoning cases the Greensboro City Council next week September 2, 2008 will hear a presentation CLICKHERE then proceed to agenda and it is item #21 from Planning Director. This should be called the Derek "conflict of interest" Allen Rule. Thanks for that .

It is time that the madness on New Garden Road stops. Could someone from the city transportation please make New Garden Road four lanes the whole way, please.If you are against this rezoning please check out their web-site CLICKHERE and support the neighbors who don't want to hear the WEDDING PLANNER all year long.

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