Monday, August 19, 2013

Simkins Pac is For Sale as we know from Illegal Contribution from Action Greensboro

While R. Steve Bowden in letter to the editor wants everyone to know that the Simkins PAC is not for sale let's go down memory lane to remind everyone about what has happened in the past with what TRIADWATCH sent to the North Carolina Board of Elections with a title "Simkins PAC is in Bed with Action Greensboro Illegally"  .  This turned into the PAC turning over $5,000 to the forfeiture fund of the State of North Carolina.

To also remind people of the Simkins PAC, usually a political Action Committee gets money then they turn around and use this money to endorse candidates but the Simkins PAC never hands out money to candidates they say they need money to provide handouts to people in east Greensboro to vote with endorsements for them. Hopefully we will see a day where people will vote their own mind and say screw the Simkins PAC endorsement flyer handed out on voting day.


Anonymous said...

If only white folks were so organized............

Wait, the Koch brothers do it on an much larger scale.

keith brown said...

If you need a flyer to vote than you are ill informed