Monday, August 5, 2013

City of Greensboro Government Waste with a connection to Ex City Manager Ed Kitchen

Update from Greensboro City Attorney Mujeeb Shah Khan,
Following up on our conversation, here's what we discussed-The City (and other cities and counties around the state) supports the School of Government through annual dues to the SOG Foundation.  The dues calculation is approximately 11 (.111)  cents per resident.   For Greensboro that totals $30,213.00.  We've been supporting the SOG before former City Manager Ed Kitchen was on the SOG Foundation Board.

It is amazing what you can find when the Greensboro City Council has online the current Greensboro City Council meeting with attachments for today's meeting 8-5-2013 HERE

At the very end you will find the disbursements issued for 6-26-13 through 7-15-13 for example you will find out that the City of Greensboro is still purchasing water from the City of Burlington to the tune of $192,878.60 while we all know that the city should be getting the majority of their water from the Piedmont Regional Water Authority but that bill was only $168,168.00 from them.

Looking more into the disbursements we come to find out that the City of Greensboro is funding  the School of Government Foundation from their general fund for membership dues  to the tune of $30,213.00 . Why does a city government fund this foundation? Looking at this organization a little more closely and if we do this look at who is the Executive Director of UNC School of Government Foundation  none other than ex Greensboro City Manager Ed. Kitchen now Vice President of the Bryan Foundation. Looks like crony capitalism at it's best.

According to guidestar the great web site to look at non profits it shows this foundation has over $14 million dollars in investments with the top executive from this foundation in the Dean of the UNC School of Government Michael Smith making $319,039 with benefits while Brad Volk the associate dean making $171,771 with benefits . This is amazing to see a local city fund a foundation that is sitting on a 14 million in investments while the top executive making over $300,000 grand to boot. It would be interesting to find out if both Michael Smith and Brad Volk being state employees are also taking a salary on top of being the head honchos at the foundation .

On the same page of disbursements we also have membership dues of $58, 649 for the N.C. League of Municipalities

Here is the kicker on the same page in that there is a organization based out of  Richmond Virginia not even close to being in North Carolina called the North Carolina Water Quality Association where the citizens of Greensboro are paying annual dues of $15,250. It would be great to find out why a North Carolina Water Quality non profit is based in Richmond Virginia and why the taxpayers of Greensboro are spending $15,250 when this money could go to better use.

Just wanted to inform you on some of the dues that have been paid out to the non profits of the world from the Greensboro Taxpayers to the sum of close to $100,000 just in the stretch from 6-26-13 through 7-15-13 . Government waste at it's best and let's see if any Greensboro City Council member will inquire about paying a foundation over $30,000

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