Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Senator Wade's Public Notice Local Bill #287 Passes Committee With Some Fireworks from N. C. Press

In todays North Carolina Local and State Government Committee was Senate Bill #287 which will allow local governments in certain counties to use their government web sites to send out public notices which is what needs to be done and at same the time save taxpayers money.

As Triadwatch has said before in plenty of post on this subject of
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In this taxpayer funded government subsidized gravy train it is time to start thinking about the future of public notices it is not 1949 it is 2013 and how we reach the masses while at the same time saving taxpayer money to boot. Advertising in local paid papers is way too expensive and does not reach the audience needed especially when subscriptions are falling faster than Mayor of Greensboro Robbie Perkins bank account.

We also learn that there was some fireworks in regards to the committee meeting today here is what was reported from the Raleigh News and Observer post out today

The committee passed the measure by voice vote. Bussian, the press association lobbyist, said the committee voted 6-5 to reject the measure. Tucker, the chair, rejected a subsequent appeal for a show of hands and declared the meeting adjourned.

At that point, Hal Tanner, publisher of the Goldsboro News-Argus, approached Tucker. He told him he thought the vote was handled in a manner inconsistent with Republican stands for open government.

“I said, ‘We just got through dealing with Jim Black,’ ” Tanner later recalled, referring to the former Democratic House speaker jailed on corruption charges.
“I’m not Jim Black, I’m not Jim Black,” an angry Tucker replied. Senate rules prohibit roll call votes in committee.

Later, in an email to members, the press association quoted Tucker telling Tanner: “I am the senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet.”

Tucker disputes the quote.
“I said something to the effect that, ‘I’m the senator here, let me finish,’ ” he said. “I just took offense to it because he impugned our integrity. And I took it personally.”  The North Carolina Press Association needs to take off it's blinders to this whole public notice issue and understand that they are motivated by the greed of the taxpayer money and not even thinking about the public because it they did then we would not see all this backtracking on saying now they will start putting public notices online free of charge . The N.C. Press and all of it's blowhards should have provided this information online by themselves to inform the public not after the fact as we see in them having a bill to have them put notices online.  The irony from the North Carolina Press Association having 3 Wake County house representatives provide the dumb bill of the year in House Bill #723 with   Rep. Marilyn Avila (R)-Raleigh; Rep. Jim Fulghum (R)-Raleigh  are sponsors of this bill where we find out that Raleigh North Carolina has passed a bill over 10 years ago in regards to public notice laws. The triadwatch post this titled "Electronic Notice is Good for Cary,Apex,Garner,Knightdale,and Raleigh is Good for Every other City in this State "  What is good for Raleigh is good for every other city and county in this state and it is time we pass these new public notice laws . Thanks to all the Senators who stood up to the bully pulpit from the BLOWHARDS from the North Carolina Press Association.



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