Monday, July 16, 2012

Zack Matheny on GSO Trash without disclosing he works for co who owns trash trucks

"Councilman Zack Matheny accused Waste Connections Vice President Tim Fadul
of lying about his company's readiness to handle the contract
and of using "strong-arm tactics."

At one point, Matheny told Fadul to sit down.

As if this isn't enough to induce a dreaded case of deja vu, there are, once again,
relationships that raise possible conflicts of interest.

Matheny works for a waste recycling company."

GN&R Editorial Board

Matheny is now selling the services of Green Day,

On Tuesday, June 26, before he had sent out the memo to fellow councilmembers,
Matheny said, "Green Day has nothing to do with Republic
and has nothing to do with Waste Connections."

When asked if Green Day used the Republic landfill or transfer station,
Matheny said, "I don't know. Not that I'm aware of."

...Matheny did not want to discuss how Green Day handles its operations.

Greensboro City Attorney Explains No Contact with Local Elected Officials,
Councilman Zack "Trash Truck" Matheny Are You Listening!

Green Day Recycling Customer Testimonial

Commercial Waste management Container

Commercial Recycling Bins

Green Day's Commercial Services Include:

• Consulting
• Solid Waste Hauling & Disposal
• Recycling Hauling & Marketing For
Paper, Plastics & Metal
• Equipment Sales, Rental & Service
• Document & Product Shredding

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