Friday, June 29, 2012

John Hammer on Trash - "Frank Smith who also works for Waste Connections" - Didn't a "Frank Smith" donate to Trudy Wade?

"...Frank Smith who also works for Waste Connections
and was the other person at the meeting...

Voting with Matheny to spend an extra $6 million to $10 million
and award the contract to Republic Services
were Mayor Robbie Perkins and Councilmembers Nancy Vaughan
and Dianne Bellamy-Small.

Is this true?

...The majority on the Greensboro City Council
desperately wants to give the city's garbage bid to Republic Services and Hilco Transport
despite the fact that their bids are higher.

For some reason the fact that Waste Connections keeps underbidding Republic
is seen as a problem.

...Matheny, during the process of bidding the garbage disposal options,
has failed to mention that he is in the garbage and recycling business himself.

This is a fact that might have been of interest to his fellow councilmembers and his constituents,
but Matheny chose not to disclose his new business venture.


Matheny is now selling the services of Green Day,
a recycling and waste collection company in Greensboro.

On Tuesday, June 26, before he had sent out the memo to fellow councilmembers,
Matheny said, "Green Day has nothing to do with Republic
and has nothing to do with Waste Connections."

When asked if Green Day used the Republic landfill or transfer station,
Matheny said, "I don't know. Not that I'm aware of."

...Matheny did not want to discuss how Green Day handles its operations.


...Matheny was recused from the White Street Landfill discussions
because his employer at that time, Bell Partners,
had a business relationship with D.H. Griffin Co. on a project in Atlanta.

And D.H. Griffin was one of the companies
that was involved in bidding on operating the landfill for the city.

Mayor Perkins is an owner of NAI Piedmont Triad commercial real estate,
which has contracts with D.H. Griffin, but he was not recused."

John Hammer


Where did you hear that John?


Anonymous said...

Yes, a Frank Smith did contribute to Wade's current senate campaign and it is the same Frank Smith who works for Waste Connections. Notice that she did not identify his employer.

Billy Jones said...

I spent 28 years in the trucking industry and several years in the waste industry. Look up "trip leasing". There are literally thousands of trucking companies in existence that own zero trucks and trailers. They hire the trucks, trailers and drivers they need on a daily basis. Even some very large trucking companies sometimes make their fleets and drivers available to other companies on a trip lease basis rather than allowing equipment to set idle. Ever seen what appeared to be a big name trucking company with paper signs from another usually unknown company taped on the doors? That's most often a trip lease arrangement.

Some owner-operators operate through trip lease arrangements for years and years.

Rental trucks and trailers are also available as is contract hauling with other haulers. Thanks to the Internet, if your credit is good enough or you've enough cash you could go from zero to a thousand trucks and trailers in less than a week.

Seriously, what used to take weeks now can be done in a day. The only thing that still moves slow is the actual freight itself.

And let's not forget that DH Griffin owns lots of trucks and a share in A-1 Sandrock. The idea that the old man can't make it happen is absurd.

Anonymous said...

The Griffin's made up a large portion of Wade's contributions. Notice also Roy Carrol also made a large contribution right around the time of the noise ordinance vote.