Monday, July 16, 2012

Jodi Riddleberger on Howard Coble and Billy Yow's endorsement of Hank Henning

"I got this note from a friend: "(GOP) Plan of Organization," pg 23,

"Refrain from Using Powers of Office in Republican Primary:"

"Each officer and each member of the Guilford County Executive Committee...
shall refrain from utilizing the authority of his or her office or position in any Republican Primary
in which Republican candidates are competing for election to public office at any level."

...Maybe Commissioner Yow and Congressman Coble needed a refresher course
on what was expected of them as part of the GOP executive committee??

Not sure, but maybe??

Jodi Riddleberger

This is not an endorsement of either men,
but an attempt to fix what may be very broken in Guilford County politics
some of which Jodi and I disagree.

Kind of like Kieth on some signs posted on Facebook
noting thier seeming illegality of placement.

George Hartzman

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Anonymous said...

In what way did any elected official use their Executive Committee position to endorse anyone? They did not. Not one executive committee person said "as a Republican officer and exec committee member, I endorse....."
Elected officials are free to endorse whomever they please in a Primary. They must not use their Executive committee position. No one did. No one once ever said "the Party endorses.....". Citizens who hold elected office may personally endorse whomever they please. "office" in this context of the Plan of Organization does not mean elected public office- it means party office.