Sunday, July 8, 2012

rooster8786 and Mad Dog on Zack Matheny's bright idea on another teen curfew, and a few questions

If you are a constituent of Zack, please see definition #2, as it related to people,
and ask yourself if this defines Zack
or if maybe the words listed under antonym more closely define Zack.

Antonyms: follower, imitator

Near Antonyms: dependent, inferior, junior, secondary,
subject, subordinate, underling

Typical knee jerk reaction, Zack.

It was before 11:00pm and 2 of the 3 arrested were 18 or over.

So, the curfew would not have mattered.

...Be active, Zack, not Re-active.

It's called planning.

You the the Council should try it sometime.

Y'all might even like it.

Who has Roy Carroll been in touch with?

Did he talk to Zack?

What was the demographic nature of the event?

• Zannie Deangelo Sea-graves Jr., 18, charged with disturbing the peace.

• Tyrik Alexander Reaves, 19, cited for failing to disperse. He was released at the scene.

• Jimel Tyrea Leach, 17, charged with public disturbance.

Is this about selling condos?

Don't want the wrong people out front Zack?

What is everyone suddenly realizes
that a good chunk of taxpaying citizens who sometimes frequent downtown
live relatively close by, and also happen to not be white?


Don Moore said...

Zack and Robbie need to invite Skip and Earl over for diner and drinks one evening. Sit arund and discuss things, then may be a stroll around the park at 11PM.

Hartzman said...

I don't think Skip would be interested in the stroll.

He seems to be more interested in pocket lining.

Some believe Mr. Alston should be censured by the board
for the actions of the County Manager.
rooster8786 and Mad Dog on Zack Matheny's bright idea on another teen curfew, and a few questions
I relize I am using some harsh language.

I would be happy to publicly debate any
who feel as though they have been slighted.

What looks like an amazing amount of cowards
seem to run our city and county.