Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's not not understand how and why Zack Matheny injected himself into the curfew debate and who's on what side: Ed Wolverton and Milton Kern on "Safety," in Downtown Greensboro

"Ed Wolverton, president of Downtown Greensboro Inc.,
worked with Matheny on the proposals.

“A community may say they want the license for any nightclub
that stays open after 11 p.m. or maybe 12 a.m.” ...Wolverton said.

Wolverton said the teen curfew proposal is related to two incidents last summer
when a club had a “teen night” that led to fighting in a parking lot.

Should two incidents = restrictions for all teens?

Milton Kern...was another business leader who helped craft the proposals.

“The nightclub owners have to understand
they have to be responsible business people
and not have a 'shoot ’em up,’ wild night life,” Kern said.

Didn't the N Club already voluntarily shut down?

How can this not be about keeping young black youth
who live very near downtown Greensboro being relatively unwelcome
by some who may have seemed what some could consider somewhat bigoted like?

Would any others who attended what appeared to be a meeting of "Stakeholders"
after the N Club event
like to concur as to some of the topics of conversation
at what may have been the Empire Room?

Who was there? 

If most of our local print media is aware of what most don't, 
why wouldn't they bother filling everyone else in? 

“We are trying to bring back sanity to a night life that has run rampant.”

Kern said he understands concerns that some owners have about the proposals,
but safety should be the main goal.

“If (customers) want to go to High Point Road, they are free to go there,” Kern said.

What does "they are free to go there" mean?

What does mentioning High Point Road imply?

What (customers) are "they"?

“The point is we want to make sure we are safe downtown...”

Who are "we," and what does "safe" mean?

Ryan Seals


rmelton said...

Is the local MSM going to let Milton Kern get away with his patently racist comment about High Point Rd?

Anonymous said...

Now that Wolverton of DGI has been identified as working with Matheny, here's another point.
Wolverton, uses a bunch of charts and statistics to show that investment in downtown has 9-1 multiplier, or some such nonsense when he promotes the city's continued investment in downtown and infers that ALL new investment is a result of this "overlay tax district".
The problem with Ed's multiplier is that it makes a totally foolish assumption: that no new investment in downtown would take place without DGI's efforts and that no businesses already there would remain. His multiplier is based upon false assumptions.

George Hartzman said...

Good Point.

Anonymous said...

where was the hypocritical, almost evil ,lame ass Milton Kern when he owned the building where club remix and rain were located (formerly flying anvil)...multiple stabbing and finally one homicide ...where was his outrage then? he certainly did not say anything then! check it for yourself...finally lost his liquor license.

Anonymous said...

N&R Tuesday, September 13,2005
Milton Kern, Beerbower's father-in-law, is the group's senior advisor and the landlord. As a central figure in downtown's redevelopment, he's developed a reputation for taking some risks but making solid business decisions.

As a standing circle of supporters cracks the tops off beer bottles, Kern tells them he's invested $350,000 to $400,000 in the building so far.

“The group that has come together has good ideas — silly ideas,” he said. “I like silly ideas. I'd just like to see it go faster. I'd like to see it opened by Christmas or Thanksgiving.”

For Kern, the Flying Anvil represents a sentimental grace note in an already mighty development portfolio.

Anonymous said...

he was making Money from his clubs then...this guy ran for Mayor??? what a disgrace

Anonymous said...

he was making Money from his clubs then...this guy ran for Mayor??? what a disgrace

Anonymous said...

Let me add that Milton Kern is one of the most NON racist people I know...he makes a point to treat everyone with equal respect. His remarks would have been geared toward ANY group who was causing problems downtown.