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Kieth Brown "Mayor Perkins Recusals Part #1 and Past Problems with the New GTCC Water and Sewer off of Highway 68"

"Greensboro City Council Meeting December 13, 2011

34. Resolution approving bid in the amount of $1,966,989.17 and authorizing Contract No. 2009-021 with J. R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. for the Greensboro Technical Community College (GTCC) General Water and Sewer Project. (Council District: n/a) (roll call vote) (Attachment #34 to Councilmembers)

Water & Sewer 

The property that Mayor Perkins owns in front of the new GTCC buildings off of Highway 68 North is titled leabourne 68 llc .

In the video above we have the mayor saying "I own property that could be effected by this item". 

Water & Sewer for Robbie's newly zoned property?

No Mayor Perkins you own property that is directly in front of the said property that is getting water and sewer so in reality your "could be" should have said "will be" effected and am sure that when you bought the property knowing full and well that this property was right in the way of providing water and sewer to the GTCC campus.

Here is what was written a few years ago about this same property and remember that Councilman Zack Matheny recused himself from this vote but at the December 13, 2011 vote on this item he did not recuse himself like he did in past on this issue.

Highway 68 North + Anonymous Investors + Plus Zack and Robbie= Ethical Problems

Also Jordan Green from Yes! Weekly also had a post titled Highway 68 Shopping Center Receives Approval

in this article Jordan writes this:

"commercial and residential future of the NC Highway 68 corridor

near the new GTCC aviation campus took shape on Sept. 10
when the Guilford Planning Board unanimously approved a request
by a group of anonymous investors.

The decision rezones 51 acres
from allow a shopping center and housing development
to be built on what is presently a combination of woodland and pasture.

The request was opposed by about a dozen neighboring residents
who lamented that the rural character of their community would be lost,
and that they were being out-maneuvered by powerful developers
with the deep pockets to secure expensive legal help.

“This feels a lot like land speculation,” said Mary Fabrizio, an opponent from nearby Colfax.

“It stinks because two of the investors are sitting on the Greensboro City Council.”

At-large Councilman Robbie Perkins and District 3 Councilman Zack Matheny
have abstained from a city council vote on the project
because of conflicts of interest.

Derek Allen, the lawyer with Brooks Pierce law firm
who argued the case before the planning board,
said that the two councilmen “had interest in groups that had interest in that property.”

The limited liability company interested in developing the property,
which is currently owned by WA Kennedy Jr.,
was organized in June by Jennifer C. Noble, a lawyer with Brooks Pierce.

The company’s registered agent is Stanhope Johnson,
a partner with NAI Piedmont Triad,
a commercial real estate company headed by Perkins."

It would be great for the citizens to know just who are these anonymous investors and to have Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny and Mayor Perkins come clean on this whole situation that he was a part of in regards to the land speculation game they both played off of Highway 68 .

Will we see any reporting from the local and weekly papers in regards to this situation or is it ok for sitting councilmembers to have anonymous investors for the public to not know about,  especially when we are talking about taxpayers monies going into building the infrastructure like water and sewer."

Keith Brown AKA Triad Watch 


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One of the sections covering 24 acres would contain a shopping center; a second 27-acre plot would contain up to 482 acres of housing with the stipulation that buildings reach no higher than three stories. The developers agreed to a handful of conditions: prohibitions against sexuallyoriented businesses, nightclubs and freestanding bars, and a restriction to keep drive-thru businesses with loudspeakers from creeping more than 250 feet west of a proposed service road alongside Highway 68.

Allen went before the Greensboro City Council in June and won an amendment to the city’s generalized future land use map to change the property’s classification from corporate business park to mixed-use commercial land use. He argued that the city council’s decision amounted to “downzoning” the property to a less intensive use. The alternative, he said, would be even more disruptive to residents. “I-73 is all about getting the FedEx traffic to go north,” he said. “You’re talking about distribution, logistics and warehousing.” Larry Proctor, chairman of the planning board and a Republican candidate for one of the Guilford County Commission’s two at-large seats, said he sympathized with the residents’ apprehensions about change.

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