Thursday, April 5, 2012

Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins Recuses in '09 but Votes in '12 on Richie Rich Roy's Center Pointe

Here we go again where back in 2011 we had  Greensboro City Councilman Zack Matheny recuse himself from voting on the white street landfill because of a conflict with one of the companies in D.H. Griffin then months later vote to award a contract to D.H. Griffin at the Greensboro Coliseum with a post titled "Greensboro Councilman Zack Matheny Did Not Recuse Himself on DH Griffin Item at Council Meeting" which happened back in December of '11.

Now we have the Mayor of Greensboro Robbie Perkins who is doing the same thing as what Councilman Zack Matheny did last year where they have selected understanding of what a recusal is and also with a very competent Greensboro City Attorney back in 2009 in Terry Wood said to then councilman Robbie Perkins "yes" you do have a conflict of interest and need to abstain from the vote as you see from video below

here is from minutes from the agenda back in '09:

Mayor Johnson introduced a resolution authorizing an encroachment agreement with Park View Development

LLC into the City’s right-of-way and sidewalk easement adjacent and contiguous to Center Pointe along Friendly

Avenue. City Manager Johnson indicated that the resolution was required due to a change in corporate name.

Councilmember Perkins indicated a conflict of interest and his desire to abstain from voting. Councilmember Bellamy-

Small moved to excuse Councilmember Perkins from voting on the item. Councilmember Matheny seconded the

motion which was adopted by voice vote of Council. Councilmember Bellamy-Small moved adoption of the

resolution. The motion was seconded by Councilmember Matheny; the resolution was adopted on the following roll

call vote: Ayes: Barber, Bellamy-Small, Groat, Johnson, Matheny, Rakestraw, Wade and Wells. Noes: None.

Abstention: Perkins.

So as you can see then councilman Robbie Perkins was a abstention from the vote.

We also wrote a post back on February 19, 2009 and here is a part of that post

"The Greensboro City Council needed to vote again on Roy Carroll's building encroaching into the sidewalk in downtown Greensboro because Roy Carroll renamed the project Park View Development. The funny aspect was to hear Robbie Perkins actually ask the city attorney Terry Wood since my company is the leasing agent for this project and he said ," Does that constitute a conflict of interest" . Well Robbie Perkins I would hope so, good lord did you take a class at Fuqua called the art of no conflicts in local government."

To see the above post which was titled "Robbie Perkins with 4 Conflicts of Interest and Had Partner in Over Development Crime Matheny on 2 of them",

Now let's go to the April 3, 2012 Greensboro City Council meeting where this item came up in front of council

26. Ordinance in the amount of $218,714 amending the Fiscal Year 11-12 General Fund Budget for the appropriation of a pass through economic development grant from Guilford County to Park View Development, LLC.

In the above video you will see the Mayor ask City Attorney Waterman about the conflict and he says you can vote on this item. You will then see George Hartzman ask if the Mayor is the leasing agent for the bottom floor of  Center Pointe and you need to recuse yourself and explains why he needs to do so. Spot on from George Hartzman on this point.

How can you have a conflict in '09 then now on top of being local developer Roy Carroll's personal leasing agent you actually now live in Center Pointe then not recuse yourself from this vote at the April 3, 2012 Greensboro City Council meeting?

I would suggest that this agenda item be revoted like Zack Matheny had to do and seeing that mayor Perkins does have a conflict of interest and in the future when we see any item come in front of Greensboro City Council from local developer Richie Rich Roy Carroll than we also need to see Mayor Perkins recuse himself from these items like we will see at the next council meeting where this will be on agenda:

 12. Resolution calling a public hearing for April 16, 2012 to consider requests from developers for public participation in corporate parks in or near the City of Greensboro in accordance with the Urban Development Investment Guidelines

Local developer Richie Rich Roy Carroll wants over $5 million in economic bond money for his property in eastern unincorporated Guilford County not City of Greensboro . Why should Mayor Perkins recuse himself from this vote is because as we see from Richie Rich Roy Carroll's  property off of Horse Pen Creek Road in Greensboro  it is not that the Mayor needs to recuse while the property is in the zoning phase of coming in front of council it is that after the fact you will see Mayor Perkins signs litter the property from Richie Rich Roy Carroll because the Mayor is his personal leasing agent and am sure not all of this property in Eastern Guilford County will be a business park but will need to be leased by Mayor Perkins company NAI Piedmont.


Hartzman said...

On the Economic Development Incentives with DH Griffin owning a part of Triad Business Park

"Council member Robbie Perkins
is President and 50% part owner
of Piedmont Triad Commercial Properties, Inc.

Piedmont Triad Commercial Properties, Inc.
has contracted with Henry Carrison.

Mr. Carrison is a former employee of D.H. Griffin Companies
and is currently an independent contractor for Mr. Perkins.

There are currently multiple signs for D.H. Griffin properties
listed by Piedmont Triad."

Facts Provided by City Attorney

Hartzman said...

...(c) A public servant shall take appropriate steps, remove himself or herself to the extent necessary,
to protect the public interest
...from any proceeding in which the public servant's impartiality
might reasonably be questioned...

§ 138A‑36. Public servant participation in official actions.

Hartzman said...

"(e1) A member of the board or any other body
exercising quasi‑judicial functions
...shall not participate in or vote
on any quasi‑judicial matter in a manner
that would violate affected persons' constitutional rights
to an impartial decision maker.

Hartzman said...

Impermissible conflicts include, but are not limited to,
a member having a fixed opinion
prior to hearing the matter that is not susceptible to change,
undisclosed ex parte communications, a close familial, business,
or other associational relationship with an affected person,
or a financial interest in the outcome of the matter.

Hartzman said...

If an objection is raised to a member's participation
and that member does not recuse himself or herself,
the remaining members shall by majority vote rule on the objection.

§ 160A‑388.

I object.

George Hartzman

Hartzman said...

How much could Mr. Carrison make on the listed properties?

If Mr. Carrison were to not work with Piedmont Triad anymore,
how much could the company potentially not make?

How long has Mr. Carrison worked with Piedmont Triad?

How much future income does Robbie stand to lose,
if Mr. Carrison were to become upset with Robbie's vote
and leave the company?

Could Robbie "be personally at risk financially
if his vote displeases his" employee
if Mr. Carrison has "multiple signs for D.H. Griffin"?

Anonymous said...

tough to argue with you on this one...what does it mean now? Do they have to revote on everything that has to do with Robbie and Roy?
are there legal consequences ?

Hartzman said...

If Roy gets his subsidy,
doesn't Robbie have an artificially inflated home price?

If the subsidy is removed,
does Robbie not stand to lose on his property?

Leasing agent issue is in the video.

Robbie was supposed to report all material facts.

He did not.

What other business does he do with Roy?

Could that other business with Roy
be endangered if Robbie doesn't do what he's told?

How many listings does Robbie have
in the 9000 acres in Eastern Guilford?

Does he stand to become the agent
for any land after it recieves water and sewer?

Anonymous said...


Hartzman said...

Proof of Robbie Perkins direct financial interest on anything to do with Center Pointe and the Noise Ordinance

"Why would a letter from Center Pointe Condominium Owners Association to Greene Street Club say:
"At night, the excessive noise makes it impossible for our residents to enjoy thier homes
in reasonable quiet and comfort.

Additionally, the ongoing disturbances by the Club
will adversely impact sales of units at Center Pointe,
especially if calls to the police regarding the noise violations persist."

From a letter sent by Center Pointe's Condominium Owners Association
to the Greene Street Club