Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Status quo is driving new noise ordinance"

"Status quo is driving new noise ordinance"

"Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins seemed like a breath of fresh air after his recently won election.

Last week was the third week in a row

But now he appears to be siding with a few townies by advocating a noise ordinance that has the potential to squelch creative commerce in the downtown district.

If Robbie Perkins put the proposed Noise Ordinance
on City Council's agenda, why would he say it wasn't a good idea?

The News & Record reported Sunday that “Mayor Robbie Perkins thinks Greensboro should model its ordinance on Charlotte’s.”

After trying to shove a prohibitive ordinance down Greensboro's throught
and then saying he didn't mean it?

...Meanwhile, “Uptown” Charlotte is a corporate mausoleum:


Overly gentrified.

The whole vibe seems to pander to a class of condo dweller that wants to have a sanitized quasi-urban existence.

...Mayor Perkins is attempting to gild the old Greensboro status quo — the same status quo that ignores a population of 40,000 college students and is suspicious of any growth that doesn’t have the blessings of a few key developers.

Is this why the Rhino's John Hammer won't report on the noise ordinance?

It’s short-sighted, provincial and a recipe for stagnation.

...setting audio tolerance at a specific decibel level at the front door of a music venue is a recipe for a dead downtown.

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