Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mayor Perkins Can't Sleep At Night In Center Pointe Because Greene Street Club Has Roof Top Parties

UPDATE: Greensboro City Council PUNTS on the issue and needs more time to discuss the issue till the March 2012 meeting of council

34. Ordinance amending Chapter 18 of the Greensboro Code of Ordinances with respect to Offenses and Miscellaneous provisions – prohibit outdoor amplified noise.

The Greensboro City Council on February 7, 2012 is requested to adopt a text amendment which prohibits businesses from conducting private or public entertainment during the hours from 11:00pm to 7:00am daily where amplified music, voice, sounds and noise emanate from the building where the entertaimnent is being held.

Background on this issue is certain businesses conducting entertainment with amplified music or sound have caused citizen complaints of the level of noise coming from the busineses during hours when people normally sleep or rest, and the sound levels from the entertainments are disturbing and interfering with the sleep or rest of these citizens. the present noise ordinance is presently insufficient to permit effective enforcement and prevent the disturbance or interference of this amplified sound with the sleep or rest of these citizens, and therefore additional regulation is necessary for the purposes of their health, safety and welfare.

The Greensboro Code of Ordinances section 18-50 may be amended to add this to the ordinance" Time Restriction. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to make, permit, continue, cause to be made, or to create any noise set out in 18-50 from 11:00pm - 7:00am.

Who are the citizen complaints coming from?

My guess is that it looks like since the new Mayor of Greensboro Robbie Perkins  moved into his new pad at the downtown Center Pointe,  he's not getting much sleep because of a certain club which has Roof Top Parties and a heated outdoor tent at Greene Street Club.

The Greene Street Club on Fridays opens at 10:00pm and promotes having a heated roof top deck to listen to DJ Deluxe play Hip Hop and top 40.

On Saturday Night Greene Street promotes having Greensboro's largest Roof Top Bar, which opens at 10:00pm.

If they pass this new ordinance,Greene Street will only be allowed to play music for one hour on their Roof Top.

Just this past week the Greensboro News and Record reported on temporary tents not in compliance CLICKHERE
in the report the Greene Street Club manager had this to say

"Greene Street Club manager Grady Green said discovery of the ordinance has cost the club and its staff thousands of dollars. As was the case with Sherwood, the business got city approval to raise a tent for 180 days.

The tent, which for the past five years has stood from late October to April, lets the club operate a rooftop bar and dance area.

Green said that sales last week were $12,000 below the weekly average because the club wasn’t allowed to serve customers under the tent, which remains up.

It also meant his bartending staff lost a total of 20 shifts.

“In a sense, that’s 20 jobs lost, not including security, cleanup, the DJ, and whatnot,” Green said.
Green estimated the business could lose $40,000 to $50,000 a month.

The city loses money too, he said, because it receives less tax income from alcohol purchased by the club.

As of Friday, Green said the club was working with city officials to build a permanent covering over the area."

Now Greene Street has more to worry about than just an outdoor tent, but also not playing any music 1 hour after their rooftop club opens.

The club manager is saying this is costing them jobs and tax money for the city, and now let's see if the neighbors at Center Pointe really want to shut the place down for good with this ordinance.

This agenda item may have Mayor Perkins, who at last check is the real estate broker for Center Pointe, and local developer Roy Carroll who owns the taxpayer subsidised Center Pointe and occupies the top two floors, written all over it.


W.E. Heasley said...

Let us rewind to the idea of “revitalizing” a downtown area. Putting aside the cost/benefit of downtown revitalization plans and putting aside the taxpayer subsidization of such plans, if one embarks on a plan of revitalization based upon attracting “entertainment” to a downtown area, such “entertainment” generally comes with noise of varying levels and varieties e.g. baseball stadiums vs. bars vs. restaurants vs. sightseers vs. festivals vs. parades, etc., etc.

Meanwhile, a second revitalization strategy occurs of downtown cosmopolitan living is planned. Once again, putting aside the cost/benefit of downtown revitalization plans and putting aside the taxpayer subsidization of such plans, if one embarks on a plan of revitalization based upon attracting “habitational” to a downtown area, habitational environments generally want low sound and serene settings.

Meanwhile, back at central planning headquarters of downtown revitalization, those planners who are omnipresent and know each and every cog of the world they are about to paint, creating an environment of entertainment and habitat ional and are aghast that: entertainment generally comes with noise of varying levels and varieties somehow conflicts with habitat ional environments generally want low sound and serene settings. The wizards of smart got it wrong again.

Like any good central planning scheme, cascading unintended consequences abound. By overriding real time mundane knowledge of the many with the general and limited knowledge of the few, the wizards of smart now must pick winners and losers as their painted world, a world painted in their own self-image has become ugly. Hence like all good central planner playbook requires, merely legislates away the ugliness at the cost of one party and benefit of another party and never mentions that they, the wizards of smart, in fact brought the two parties together and created the conflict in the first place.

Same song, different beat. But do not play that song after 11 pm.

triadwatch said...

great point thanks for comment

Anonymous said...

Since when does the city receive tax income from alcohol?

triadwatch said...

from news and record

"With more than $24 million in retail sales last year, the Greensboro system is one of the state’s largest"

each ale jurisdiction gets a percentage of the cut from greensboro to high point and other places all over the state.

W.E. Heasley said...

You are correct about the $24 million.

Each year the local ABC stores post a sign regarding how much of the tax was “given back” to the community. The sign eludes to the tax levied was somehow returned. But if the tax was never levied, then it would already remain in the community. Then why tax and return?

In essence the sign posted at the ABC stores is a form of political dupery as its an attempt to persuade the reader that government produced something. That is an economic fallacy that makes for good politics. That is, government through taxation doesn’t produce anything that otherwise would have not been produced in the private sector absent the tax. Albeit a different basket of goods [private basket vs. collective action public goods basket], absent the tax, an equal basket of goods would exist in the private sector. That is to say, government produces nothing and merely acts as a transfer agent.

triadwatch said...

council punts on the issue tilll march

aqieof said...

isn't roy going to council in march to request $4.5 million for rock creek? will we reward more bad behavior?

triadwatch said...

he tried to go in front of council in fall on this issue with shovel ready sites available for economic development but tabled the issue. I do hear that roy is going to bring it back up in front of council.

aqieof said...

It will be interesting to see how far robbie will go to fight his pal's battles while alienating the general constituency ...who knows the $4.5 M original grant may very well become a loan but really should go away altogether. Lord roy keeps on using the council to impose city wide laws to keep away the people he considers to be undesirable (guess who?)
It is really pretty simple, (as he stated during the "stakeholders meeting" just before the curfew happened) "his tenants"(quote) did not like to hear police sirens when they had to arrest young teen thugs in his park.
roy is out for roy and all of us serfs are only here to pay for his incentives and very numerous dining room chairs...

triadwatch said...

according to paper this morning it seems like a lot of backpeddling on mayors part. We will see where this ends up but glad to post this before anyone else was talking about it.