Monday, February 27, 2012

Noise Ordinance: I hear Zack went downtown on Saturday night with a decibel meter

I hear Zack didn't get out of the car.

I also heard Nancy Hoffman went downtown with a decibel meter,
and measured from the street, across the street, down the street,
and from the 16th floor of Center Pointe.

When I was in college in Frostburg, Maryland (two street light town)
a friend and I were walking to a night club
and a police officer by the name of Buzzkirk stopped us
as we were climbing a considerable incline
huffing and puffing
Buzzkirk gave my friend whom he knew
a ticket for being noisey without getting out of his patrol car.

In court, it didn't matter what was said
or what actually happened.

My friend was targeted,
and the judge laid on the vilification
regardless of the facts.

I fear the decibels don't really matter here.

Means to an end etc...

Those who want downtown "cleaned up"
may be just going through the motions
to get what they want regardless of what any meter says.

He who owns the enforcement mechanism
owns the meter readings.

Please get out of the car Zack.

George Hartzman

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