Monday, February 27, 2012

Robbie Perkins: Anyone notice a pattern?

"The Greensboro City Council voted against buying property
...for development that ...would have profited a landlord
known for violating housing codes.

Didn't Robbie fund those
who eliminated Rental Inspections in Greensboro?

...Landlord Bill Agapion offered to sell his properties the city
for $1.65 million.

...The plan, proposed by ...Robbie Perkins,
...the sale might have netted the city up to a $650,000 loss.

So Robbie proposed a deal that would benefit a landlord
and cost Greensboro's taxpayers $650,000?

If this happened, what is Robbie up to now?

...District 3 representative Tom Phillips responded.

“You talk about setting a bad precedent,” Phillips said. “We've got a lot of buying to do.”

...Most of the recent growth downtown
has involved nightclubs and restaurants...

Which Robbie wants to kill
along with removing personally unprofitable "elements"
so he and Roy can sell condos?

...Agapion is the worst offender among local landlords
in terms of housing code violations, but he finds ways to get away with it.

Other unscrupulous low-income landlords follow his lead
by taking advantage of loopholes in he law that he exposes.

...the landlord had 5,813 documented code violations since 1983."

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