Monday, February 27, 2012

From Janus Theatres to This Behemoth Monstrosity of a Building off of Battleground Avenue in Greensboro

HAT TIP : Cinema Treasures for the picture
This picture is a blast from the past where plenty of us in Greensboro grew up having our first dates and plenty of hang out time at the Janus Theatres during the 80's and 90's which is off of battleground avenue on northwood street.

Now we see a total transformation of the property to becoming a complete behemoth and a total out of character building for the neighborhood and surrounding area where no other buildings in the area  is more than two stories but this building is a total of 4 stories and a top that makes it look even bigger and completely doesn't blend in at all. Thanks to First Citizens Bank for getting the 2012  award for non conforming monstrosity to the area in regards to rezoning of this property.

As we see from the triad business journal

"And the site has one of the highest elevations in Greensboro, giving Burns the visibility he hoped for.
“It’s like a billboard 24/7,” Burns says"

Below is a picture taken on 2-26-2012 of this new addition to the  Irving Park  neighborhood.

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