Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Robbie's Lobbyist vote

Self-dealing is a form of conflict of interest.

...“a situation where one takes an action in an official capacity
which involves dealing with oneself in a private capacity
and which confers a benefit on oneself."

...“You work for government and use your official position
to secure a contract for a private consulting company you own”
or “using your government position to get a summer job for your daughter”.

Where a fiduciary has engaged in self-dealing,
this constitutes a breach of the fiduciary relationship.


If political self-dealing involves an elected official
taking advantage of an undisclosed position in a transaction
and acts in self interest
instead of the interests of those represented,
did Robbie Perkins vote for a Federal lobbyist
involve unethical conduct unbecoming a Mayor 
which violated the trust between Robbie and his constituents
through their tax dollars?
"A member of the board or any other body
exercising quasi‑judicial functions
...shall not participate in or vote
on any quasi‑judicial matter in a manner
that would violate affected persons' constitutional rights
to an impartial decision maker.

Impermissible conflicts include, but are not limited to,
a member having a fixed opinion prior to hearing the matter
that is not susceptible to change,
undisclosed ex parte communications, a close familial, business,
or other associational relationship with an affected person,
or a financial interest in the outcome of the matter."

§ 160A‑388.

Did the other City Council Members know
about Robbie's relationship with the family of the lobbyist?

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