Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flip Flop Matheny? Should Robbie have recused himself?

"I participated in the White Street Landfill decision
up to the point that it was deemed that I had an indirect conflict.

"when Danish made the ruling that Perkins
did not have a conflict of interest
in the White Street Landfill reopening
but Councilmember Zack Matheny did,
she did so against the advice of one attorney
whom she hired to give the city advice."

John Hammer

"I have not received campaign contributions from Mr. Griffin
and do not have a direct relationship with him or his companies," he wrote.

Does Zack suddenly believe campaign contributions
create conflicts of interest
after soliciting money from those with business
before city council?

"While I would have thought someone
would have warned me prior to the vote, they did not,
and as I do not have a direct relationship with the Griffin's,
the vote simply went forward...

It wasn't Zack's fault
because no one told him?

"I assure you, there was not any intent to harm,
as was the case on any previous decisions,
and I appreciate this being brought to my attention."

Zack Matheny

Council member Robbie Perkins
is President and 50% part owner
of Piedmont Triad Commercial Properties, Inc.

Piedmont Triad Commercial Properties, Inc.
has contracted with Henry Carrison.

Mr. Carrison is a former employee of D.H. Griffin Companies
and is currently an independent contractor for Mr. Perkins.

There are currently multiple signs for D.H. Griffin properties
listed by Piedmont Triad.

Facts Provided by City Attorney

How much could Mr. Carrison make on the listed properties?

If Mr. Carrison were to not work with Piedmont Triad anymore,
how much could the company potentially not make?

How long has Mr. Carrison worked with Piedmont Triad?

How much future income does Robbie stand to lose,
if Mr. Carrison were to become upset with Robbie's vote
and leave the company?

Could Robbie "be personally at risk financially
if his vote displeases his" employee
if Mr. Carrison has "multiple signs for D.H. Griffin"?

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