Thursday, December 15, 2011

Greensboro Mayor Perkins Has a Pay To Play and a Crony Capitalism Moment in Embedded Video on Hiring Lobbyist Craig Saperstein

Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins voted on Tuesday to hire Craig
Sapperstein as a lobbyist for the City of Greensboro. Perkins received a
campaign contribution of $250 from Saperstein's father and $250 from
Sapperstein's mother in June of this year.

To see a back history on this subject this is what was written a few days ago, CLICKHERE .

Watch this video below to get a background of what Mayor Perkins had to say after they voted on the new $79,000 federal lobbyist Craig Saperstein from Pilsbury law.

In the first official business meeting for the Greensboro City Council 12-13-2011 we have Mayor Perkins reversing the past council and  playing the PAY TO PLAY politics on top of the Crony Capitalism card on this one agenda item which was

44. Resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a contract with Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw and Pittman LLP to represent the City of Greensboro Priorities to Federal elected officials and agencies. (Council District: all) (roll call vote) (Attachment #44 to Councilmembers
Let's start by saying that the new lobbyist is Craig Saperstein who in this video above was in the audience for the Greensboro Council meeting after the vote Mayor Perkins acknowledge that he has known the Saperstein's since Craig was 6 years old so this will be a relationship of close to probably 25 to 30 years.

George Hartzman before the vote brought up the fact that on or before June 8, 2011 we have a contribution of $250.00 from Paul Saperstein and also another contribution on or before June 8, 2011 of $250.00 from Sara Saperstein these 2 people are the new federal lobbyist's parents.. In the embedded video you will hear Mayor Perkins say that he did get a contribution from the federal lobbyists parents.  Looking at past contributions back to 2000 we see that this is the first time the longtime friends of probably 25 to 30 years the Sapersteins have given Mayor Perkins campaign contribution.

So as we see  longtime friends of the mayor gets his first contributions  from the parents who then hire the son to work as a federal lobbyist for the City of Greensboro. Welcome to the pay to play crony capitalist Greensboro City Council.

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Don Moore said...

$500 Investment for a $79,000 job. That's pretty good job placement. Mayor Perkins could solve the nation's employment crisis if he could only continue creating jobs like this.