Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fec - "some mind-warping logic" on Robbie Perkins and the White Street Landfill

"And here’s some mind-warping logic for you.

The social retards are up in arms
because Danish failed to recuse Perkins for being in cahoots
with one of the putative vendors.

They are at the same time accusing Perkins
of stymying the process and secretly being for it.

Just like Robbie did with RUCO?

Did Robbie object to table the motion
to object to killing RUCO at the state level?

Did Robbie speak out in favor of a Bev veto
after it made it through the legislature?

This cognitive dissonance is a perfect example of the pathology
known as Perkins Derangement Syndrome."


Why would Robbie's Landlord campaign contributors
give donations thinking Robbie was for keeping RUCO?

Didn't Robbie already get City Council to limit RUCO
a couple of years ago,
while saying he was for it?

How is this not the same thing only different?

How does Robbie not have a duel motive
to win East Greensboro and please his elite supporters
at the same time?

Has anyone rebutted the issue?

George Hartzman's challenge to Ed Cone, Fec, Roch, David Hoggard
and whoever else...

Does Robbie Perkins have any intention of making a public statement
as a mayoral candidate,
concerning his TREBIC lobbying North Carolina State representatives
to gut RUCO at the state level?

Didn't Robbie Perkins try to gut RUCO for TREBIC in 2008?

Robbie Perkins, TREBIC and RUCO

"Perkins announces mayoral bid"

The City of Greensboro, City Council and Robbie Perkins'
very serious conflict of interest issue: Is this why Rita Danish left?

What does a Greensboro News and Record article entitled
"Rental inspection bill wins approval" mean to you?

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