Saturday, June 18, 2011

What does a Greensboro News and Record article entitled "Rental inspection bill wins approval" mean to you?

Sounds like Greensboro is going to get better rental inspections,
doesn't it?

Should the Greensboro News and Record issue a correction
if the contents of the story are opposite the impression
created by the News and Record's editors?

Seems easy enough for Bev Perdue to veto,
doesn't it?

Is the News and Record Editorial Board
going to publicly ask Bev to veto it?

Is Robbie Perkins going to ask the Governor
to veto it?

Is Bellamy-Small?

Is Skip Alston?

Is Jim Kee?

Is anyone who objects after Bev signs the law into force
full of siht?

If Robbie Perkins is so against the bill,
should he call a press conference with Bellamy-Small, Jim, Nancy and Skip,
and the Pulpit Forum and our local NAACP chapter among others
to clearly state that Bev should veto the bill
that usurps Greensboro's right to self govern?

Or is it just not that important?

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