Sunday, November 6, 2011

Doug Clark's Fekcud Up View of the World and Abner Doon's Response So Far

Our flagship state university will do this,
or else slip from the nation's elite.

Right now, it is undervaluing the higher education
and academic experience it offers.

It's got to start catching up.

Doug Clark

As the parent of a 17 and 14 year old
who is about to send them to college
and pay more for less,
I find your rhetoric offensive.

Are your kids already college educated?

Who are you to say I should pay more,
after others got to pay less?

Thanks for all the Local, State and Federal Debt Doug.

Your Editorial Board advocated for ever more benefits and borrowed money,
and now you are asking me to pay more than I already have for less.

Why is the school system cutting back Doug?

How much has the state and the schools borrowed
that didn't need to?

How much am I about to pay for your suggested past profligacy?

This is where the X generation gets the shaft
provided by the baby boomers and their parents.

Call it what it actually is.

America's future has been indentured
by prior generations that promised themselves more than they can repay.

We have betrayed our children.

Abner Doon

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