Monday, October 3, 2011

A Greensboro Election Linkfest I Emailed to Several Members of North Carolina's Press: Perkins, Jordan Green, Matheny, Allen Johnson, TREBIC, Cardes Brown, John Hammer, Amanda Lehmert, Guarino and Bev Perdue

If Robbie Perkins supported RUCO,
why would he vote to eliminate sampling inspections
of multifamily properties?

If Robbie Perkins was actually for RUCO,
why did he vote to eliminate inspections?

From: Marlene Sanford - TREBIC (E-mail) To: Knight, Bill;
"Trudy Wade"; Mary Rakestraw; Danny Thompson; Kee, James;
Zack Matheny:
Did Sue Schwartz out Robbie Perkins and Bev Perdue?

Zack Matheny in 2009:
Did Zack Matheny lobby North Carolina's State Congress to eliminate RUCO
and anything like it for his employers and campaign contributors?

"Greensboro Site Of State, Local NAACP Rally":
Did the Rev. Dr. Cardes Brown speak out against gutting RUCO
with NC Senate Bill 683 and House Bill 554?

An ongoing conversation between George Hartzman
and Allen Johnson on "RUCO rest in peace"

Was Robbie Perkins against Protest Petition
before being for it? Same thing on RUCO only different?

John Hammer on Robbie Perkins, Mayor Knight, Jim Kee,
Small and the White Street Landfill

Highlights of a comment thread at Guarino's:
Tony Wilkins, Abner Doon, Bubba, George Hartzman,
Elizabeth, Roch, Ab, on Matheny,
Ovittore and Greensboro's establishmentarianism

"Perdue Stumps for NC Pre-K Program"
after signing a law that harms children
and may increase illegal immigration to North Carolina?

Amanda Lehmert and John Hammer:
If Robbie Perkins gutted RUCO for TREBIC in 2008,
why are you giving him a pass in 2011?

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