Thursday, July 21, 2011

John Hammer on Robbie Perkins, Mayor Knight, Jim Kee, Small and the White Street Landfill

"...The sad reality is that this is an election year and Council member Robbie Perkins,
who is opposed to using the landfill,
has announced that he is running for mayor against Knight.

The worse Knight looks the better it is for Perkins.

During breaks and after the meeting
you could see Perkins huddle with the people who were disrupting the meeting.

Are those who huddled with Perkins
the same who gave him a pass on RUCO?

Do Goldie's constituents know about Robbie's RUCO play?

Where was Goldie Wells on RUCO?

...When the audience at the City Council meeting
misbehaves continuously during the meeting it makes the mayor look weak and ineffectual.

So it is a huge benefit to Perkins
to have all of these people misbehave at meetings.

Is it not amazing that Mr. Perkins draws his support
from some of Greensboro's African American leaders
that didn't bother to lift a finger for RUCO?

...The owner of Nealtown Estates,
a private development on Nealtown Farm Road across the street from the landfill,
said that he had not sold a house since the issue of using White Street again had come up.

Who approved zoning permits for a housing development
next to a landfill?

Whose fault is it,
that an owner of a housing development across the street from a landfill
is not selling more homes?

Bellamy-Small went into a long tirade and ended by saying,
"I hope every registered voter in Greensboro rises up and puts this entire council out of office."


That got a loud cheer from the audience
and Bellamy-Small responded, "Yes, That's what I'm talking about."

It is somewhat odd for a sitting council member to call for the people to rise up
and put the entire council out of office.

It's surprising that her two cohorts on the council, Perkins and Kee, didn't complain."


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